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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Illinois Senate (Obama’s seat) Conservative Republican Kirk 53%, Liberals Republican Hughes 18%

-Rasmussen Reports™: The Most Comprehensive Public Opinion Data Anywhere
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Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Marxist A**holes have got to go -z

UN climate change panel based claims on student dissertation and magazine article

-UN climate change panel based claims on student dissertation and magazine article - Telegraph
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So much for settled science; natural science morphed into political science -z

*hat tip to Mr Xyz

Bailouts created more risk in system

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Bailout of Fannie didn’t dispose of toxic assets, it merely shifted ownership to the public via our thoughtful government -z


-Figures. US Military Serving as Chauffers & Babysitters for Pelosi’s Kids
How much more are we going to put up with?
*Hat tip to Ercille who says...

Here is another story from an e-mail alert sent by NewsMax:

Pentagon Tipped Pelosi on FOIA Request
The Washington, D.C.-based newspaper Roll Call asked the Pentagon five months ago for documents related to travel on military aircraft by members of Congress.
The Defense Department hasn’t yet responded to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. But Roll Call discloses that a spokesman for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has contacted the newspaper to ask about the “FOIA request on the Speaker” — apparently indicating that the Pentagon notified Pelosi that the travel records being sought involve her office.
FOIA experts say there is “probably nothing illegal” about the military tipping off members of Congress that “a reporter is snooping around, as long as it is clear that a [member] has no role in deciding what information the military is required to release,” Roll Call reported on Tuesday.
And Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill wrote: “The Speaker strongly supports the Freedom of Information Act. It is not unusual for agencies to provide such information, nor is it particularly newsworthy to be notified that an agency is following the law by responding to a request under FOIA.”
But Hammill did acknowledge that the Pentagon generally does not alert the speaker when a FOIA request is submitted for records involving her.
And Meredith Fuchs, general counsel at the National Security Archive — which focuses on government transparency — said it appears inappropriate that the Defense Department would provide information to a member about a FOIA request before providing information to the person who made the request.
Roll Call noted that its FOIA request was not limited to Pelosi, and the newspaper does not know if the Pentagon contacted other members about the request.

I do not think that there is an exterminating company big enough to handle the job of fumigating that prime acreage of DC, when finally "we the people" clean house!

Taxpayers pay $101,000 for Pelosi's in-flight 'food, booze'
Judicial Watch said the newly obtained 2,000 pages of documentation show Pelosi's military travel cost the U.S. Air Force $2,100,744.59 over two years – including $101,429.14 for in-flight expenses, including food and alcohol.
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Why Elitists Fail- GREAT!

-Why Elitists Fail
*Hat tip to Micky

Climate chief was told of false glacier claims before Copenhagen

Latino Congreso speaker sends 'showdown' warning to Democrats

-Latino Congreso speaker sends 'showdown' warning to Democrats - El Paso Times
Threats. Time to pay the piper.

Ultimate jobs program: Immigration timeout

Police find 6 headless bodies in Mexico

Duncan: Katrina Was The "Best Thing" for New Orleans School System

-Duncan: Katrina Was The "Best Thing" for New Orleans School System - Political Punch

Grass-roots rebellion: Voters targeting RINOs, incumbents

-Grass-roots rebellion: Voters targeting RINOs, incumbents



Chicago cools to Barack Obama, its hometown boy

-Chicago cools to Barack Obama, its hometown boy - Times Online

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A GOP bow to the Tea Party movement?


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Very Moving- One Nation Under God

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Most Voters Don’t Believe President’s Assertions About Economy

Greedy Conservatives?

*More from Z-

According to the United States Census Bureau poverty in the U.S. reached 19.00% in 1964. In response, President Lyndon Baines Johnson increased spending on education, and established Medicare and Medicaid. The two entitlement programs were signed into law on July 30, 1965.

Since 1964 the Federal Government, according to the Federal Budget, spent taxpayer dollars on entitlement programs as follows:

Category includes unearned Earned Income Tax Credits

In 2008 the United States Census Bureau reported the poverty level 13.20%. That is a reduction in poverty of 5.80%. In other words it required $4.335 trillion dollars to reduce poverty by 1%.

The total amount of entitlement spending represents $85,222 for every U.S. citizen (after eliminating illegals from the population count). It equates to $218,612 for every U.S. house hold. And it equals $272,527 for every tax payer after removing tax filers that owe no taxes or receive tax credits.

Conservatives truly hate the poorest among us! LOL

Z's Excellent "Letter to the Editor" in Omaha

Blame Bush

According to the World Herald (Jan 30) Democrat Chris Van Hollen came to Omaha to support Tom White’s run for the Congressional seat held by Republican Lee Terry.

Van Hollen believes Terry is vulnerable because he voted in support of the Bush economic agenda "which drove the economy into the ditch."

President Bush did not create deficits just as President Clinton did not create surpluses. Congress establishes the spending budget and establishes the revenue sources. Since 2006 Congress has been under the complete control of the Democratic Party. Van Hollen was a member of that Congress and participated in the creation of the budgets, as did President Obama.

When President Bush “sacrificed free-market principles to save the economy” the House of Representatives introduced H.R. 1424 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 to purchase troubled assets. Terry marched in ‘lock step’ with President Bush by voting in favor of the legislation. The Congressional Record shows that Van Hollen also voted for HR 1424, as did President Obama.

Van Hollen criticizes Terry for not voting for the Obama Stimulus Bill, a $787 billion dollar bill to hold unemployment below 8% and create 3-4 million jobs. According to the Congressional Record Van Hollen voted for HR 1, and we have all seen how that has worked out. Terry must be a visionary.

Rasmussen Polls January 27 tell us “65% of voters believe Democrats are taking the country down the wrong track.” The inheritance rhetoric is D.O.A.

(Z also can supply links to back up all thes facts if anyone wants them).

Obama's Pick for Commerce Post Raises Ethical Questions - Obama's Pick for Commerce Post Raises Ethical Questions
someone must be keeping a tally of all the corrupt appointees. The list is getting long.

Republican Healthcare Legislation

From CJ.....
If anyone tells you the Republicans are the party of NO, it is not true. Republicans have introduced health care legislation, but it goes nowhere. Just to get an idea, I searched for the word 'healthcare' (no quotes). here were 232 results for the 111th Congress. Of the first 30 bills listed, 10 were introduced by Republicans - every one of those bills was referred to committee on the date indicated below, and never saw the light of day again. I am certain that if I went through the rest of the 232 bllls, there would have been a lot more, and all stonewalled. 31 Jul 2009 Oct 2009 Mar 2009 Jul 2009 Feb 2009 Oct 2009 Jul 2009 Jan 2009 May 2009 June 2009

Here's an unusual one. A Democrat proposed that Congressmen on FEHBP be required to go on the public option. Status? In committee since Jul 2009
This is a similar bill Jul 2009

Bankers in favour of paying global fee

"No terrorists to look at here....keep it moving"

-Chicago-Bound Amtrak Train Stalled by Islamic Terror Threat - Atlas Shrugs
*Hat tip to Ercille

Hamas’ 54 Democratic Congressmen

*Hat tip to CJ

132: The Number of Times Obama Refers to Himself in One Speech » 132: The Number of Times Obama Refers to Himself in One Speech
*Hat tip to CJ
Arrogant bastard.

Obama Returning to Familiar Themes in State of the Union, With Goals Unmet - Obama Returning to Familiar Themes in State of the Union, With Goals Unmet
*Hat tip to CJ

Harry Reid is finished

*Hat tip to CJ

Some on Terror Watchlist Allowed Into U.S. Because ‘We Want Them Here in the Country for

*Hat tip to CJ

Friday, January 29, 2010

Kaiser Permanente workers vote to leave SEIU

-Kaiser Permanente workers vote to leave SEIU -
*Hat tip to Ercille who says...
This is good news! It means less money for the "parent" to be able to purchase politicians

Reid raises $2M, spends it all

Probably pocketed it since he knows he's getting ousted.

More 'Hunger in America' Exaggerations

-More 'Hunger in America' Exaggerations Relayed By Jason DeParle
*Hat tip to Kati

Paulson Says Russia Urged China to Dump Fannie, Freddie Bonds

*Hat tip to CJ

State of the Union in Disarray

*Hat tip to CJ

While Administration Talks Spending Freeze, Congress Prepares to Create New $50 Million Park in the Caribbean

-While Administration Talks Spending Freeze, Congress Prepares to Create New $50 Million Park in the Caribbean - House Committee
*Hat tip to CJ

-Obama to propose freeze on government spending
There are 3 versions of Bill Number H.R.3726 for the 111th Congress H.R.3726.EH

Link Between Economic Opportunity and Prosperity

-Index of Economic Freedom: Link Between Economic Opportunity and Prosperity The Heritage Foundation
*Hat tip to Ercille
If we work really hard at it, we can drop off of the list of 10 countries. Only Denmark and Chile stand in our way. It will be interesting to see if there is a corresponding climb back up the chart, when "the one" has gone on to become "king of the world." Maybe to hasten the ascent of the US, we should wage a campaign to convince him to make his own ascent to world rule!


If she worked for a corporation she would be fired.
*Hat tip to Stan H

State of the Union Markets

Z crunches the numbers for us again.
As a general rule the State of the Union Address brings some calm to investors and the following day the markets rise. I rest my case. z


Useful Government Sites

From you can all investigate which of your Congresspeople are lieing to the people. So you know which politicians NEED TO GET OUSTED and which ones deserve to stay. These links will provide you with information to use to expose the lies told by bad candidates when you write letters to the editors, and blog. FACTS are key. Thanks, Z!

Government sites:

Federal Budget

Bureau of Econ Analysis

Department of Labor- Bureau of Labor Statistics

Department of Justice statistics

Census Bureau

Senate Committees
House of Representatives Committees

House Budget Committee

Congressional Budget Office

Office of Management and Budget

Government Accounting Office

Office of the Comptroller General

Department of Commerce

U.S. Department of Labor

Senate Committee on Environment

Federal Election Commission

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Founders Biographies

Library of Congress

Office of the Federal Register

Supreme Court Cases

Govt Documents Archive

Z Strikes Again!

Rasmussen Report 1/29/10

Obama’s discretionary spending freeze:

9% will reduce deficit a lot

42% will have no impact

39% will have a minor impact

Federal Spending:

57% want cuts

23% want freeze

12% want increase spending

Congressional Corruption:

45% most are corrupt

28% most are not corrupt

26% undecided

Wisconsin Senate Race:

43% Russ Feingold-Dem

47% Tommy Thompson-Rep


Pelosi: “…willing to loose every seat in the House and Senate to pass health care.” We should wish her well.

2009 wage and benefits increased 1.5%, the smallest in the 27-year recorded history. Consumer spending contributes 70% of our Gross Domestic Product.

Glenn Beck: State of the Union

-Glenn Beck: State of the Stupid, er, Union
*Hat tip to Carolyn

Krauthammer on the KSM Terror trial in NYC

Another Spectacular O-failure: Escape from New York

*Hat tip to Ercille

Thursday, January 28, 2010



*Hat tip to Pat


-What's the Matter with the New York State GOP?

The Rise of Tea Party Activism

Tea Party Leader Slams Obama Agenda

Scott Brown To GOP: Don't Count On My Vote

Richard Viguerie urges Republican National Committee to reject litmus tests for candidates

-Dangerous Liberal Dissent in Citizens United

Obama’s Reckless Course Will Drive America Off The Cliff

Senate permits gov't to borrow an additional $1.9Trillion

*Hat tip to Z

BREAKING....White House orders Justice Department to look for other places to hold 9/11 terror trial

Soros Eyes Secretaries - IMPORTANT

*CJ of CJ's Corner would like you all to read this and pass this information around...

We tend to think of elections in terms of presidents, governors, representatives, and senators while overlooking those who are running for other offices. Here's some info and a 'heads up; about a woman who would really like to become Michigan's next Secretary of State. I won't vote for her. Will you?

Please feel free to pass this on. The folks on your mailing list may not be on mine. ~Cj

P.S. To Frank: Thanks for pointing me in this direction.


The American Spectator : Soros Eyes Secretaries

Soros Eyes Secretaries
By Matthew Vadum on 12.4.09

History's most notorious Georgian-turned-Russian, the politically astute Joseph Stalin once remarked, "The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

The lesson has not been lost on the increasingly notorious Hungarian-cum-American George Soros.

A group backed by Soros is gearing up to steal the 2012 election for President Obama and congressional Democrats by installing left-wing Democrats as secretaries of state across the nation. From such posts, secretaries of state can help tilt the electoral playing field.....

SoS Project is also endorsing Jocelyn Benson, candidate for secretary of state in Michigan, whom it lauds as an "[e]lection law scholar and community organizer."

Benson is a candidate ACORN would love. The bio SoS Project provides credits Benson with running a 2004 "voter protection campaign in 21 states, deploying 17,000 trained election law lawyers." Last year in Michigan, she helped to lead the fight to stop the Republican secretary of state "from disenfranchising voters who were victims of home foreclosures."

Assuming the desperately mismanaged Michigan continues to exist through Election Day next year, count on the desperately evil ACORN endorsing Benson.....


Jocelyn Benson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jocelyn F. Benson is an election law expert and educator from Michigan. She is currently a full time Assistant Professor of Law at Wayne State University Law School.

Education and Early Career
Benson graduated magna cum laude from Wellesley College, where she founded the now-annual Women in American Political Activism conference and was the first student to be elected to serve in the governing body for the town of Wellesley, Massachusetts. She subsequently earned her Master's in Sociology as a Marshall Scholar at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, conducting research into the sociological implications of white supremacy and neo-Nazism. She received her J.D. from Harvard University Law School, where she was a general editor of the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review.[1]

Prior to attending law school, Benson lived in Montgomery, Alabama, where she worked for the Southern Poverty Law Center as an investigative journalist, researching white supremacist and neo-Nazi organizations. Benson has also worked as a summer associate for voting rights and election law for the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, and as a legal assistant to Nina Totenberg at National Public Radio.[2]

Voter Protection and Election Law
During the 2004 Presidential election, Benson was hired to develop the first nationwide Election Protection program for the Democratic National Committee. Benson selected, recruited, and trained Voter Protection coordinators in 21 states. The program resulted in deployment of over 17,000 trained election law lawyers.[3] (for more background info on her education and early career, click on link below)

2010 Secretary of State candidacy
After receiving support for her proposals for early voting and no-reason absentee voting at the Michigan Democratic Party Convention [10] on February 21, 2009, Benson filed paperwork in March 2009, with the Secretary of State to create an exploratory committee for a campaign for Michigan Secretary of State in 2010.[5]

With the formation of the committee, Benson began a listening tour throughout the state to discuss what can be done to improve elections and the other functions of the Secretary of State’s office. [11] After spending several months gaining support in counties throughout the state, she made her official announcement to run for the Democratic nomination on October 6, 2009.[12] Notable supporters include the Oakland County Democratic party,[13] the Michigan affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers,[14] and George Soros's Secretary of State Project.[15].

Benson lives in Detroit, Michigan, with her husband, Ryan Friedrichs.

Ryan Friedrichs, Michigan State Coordinator, Center For Civic Participation, Minneapolis, MN 1313 5th Street Se 113
Minneapolis, MN 55414-4530

Ryan Friedrichs, Michigan State Coordinator Ryan has been working to mobilize and empower historically underrepresented voters for over 10 years. As a Michigan native and graduate of the University of Michigan, Ryan worked with the United Farm Workers and founded a nationally recognized community coalition called Voice Your Vote. In 2000, he helped found and served as National Field Director and then Executive Director for the Youth Vote Coalition, as well as served as national volunteer director for the coalition's partners, including MTV's Choose or Lose campaign.

Ryan attended Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. His master's thesis was a study for Michigan Democratic Party of cost effective young voter mobilization in Michigan's 2002 election.

At the Kennedy School Ryan also served as a research assistant to Al Franken and David King, and as a teaching assistant to Marshall Ganz.

Ryan worked for Senator Hillary Clinton's political teams at HillPac and Friends of Hillary, and co-founded and served in 2004 as Campaign Director for the Young Voter Alliance, a member of the national America Votes coalition. Following the election Ryan worked for Andy and Deborah Rappaport's Skyline Public Works foundation, leading a team of professors and consultants evaluating progressive young voter mobilization in 2004.

Ryan recently returned to Michigan and lives and works in Detroit. He is newly engaged to Jocelyn Benson, a professor of race and the law and election law at Wayne State University.

Ryan currently serves as the Coalition Coordinator of Progressive Michigan, a statewide coalition focused on mobilizing communities of color, young voters, new citizens and low income voters.


Progress Michigan Emmaisms: Jocelyn Benson: Excellent with elections

There are few of our rights that are considered more American – and fewer still that are as frequently tampered with – as that of our right to vote. Enter Jocelyn Benson, one of our country’s premier voices and tireless champions for voters’ rights, in Michigan and the rest of America.
A native of Pennsylvania, Benson is perhaps best known as a ruthlessly vocal advocate for voters’ rights and as an expert on secretary of state histories and job responsibility – not bad for the daughter of two middle income special education teachers. Growing up in Pittsburgh, Benson gained an early interest in social activism and community organizing, spurned by her parents’ idealistic commitment to education reform and teachers’ advocacy....


Political Leaders come out in support of Jocelyn Benson in D.C. Michigan Liberal

Fri Jul 17, 2009
(Get to know a bit about Jocelyn Benson, Democratic candidate for Secretary of State. - promoted by rich)

Over 100 D.C. insiders and Michigan politicos showed up at a fundraiser on Capitol Hill last night in a tremendous show of support for Jocelyn Benson's bid to be our next Secretary of State. Obama Administration officials, House and Senate staffers and top tier national political operatives opened up their checkbooks and gave her a ringing endorsement.

Although (yet another) excruciatingly long floor vote on healthcare reform kept our Members of Congress from showing up personally, our distinguished Michigan delegation including Reps. Peters, Conyers, Stupak, Cheeks-Kilpatrick and Schauer all sent delegates from their offices to express their support for Jocelyn's candidacy....


Benson's campaign website:


2010 Races Secretary of State Project


Republicans running for the seat are Calhoun County Clerk Anne Norlander, State Sens. Michelle McManus and Cameron Brown and State Rep. Paul Scott. (there may be more, but these are the names I found online)

A picture of Jocelyn Benson and the FLOTUS is on this site:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Jocelyn Benson (D-ACORN, SEIU) announces run for MI Secretary of State
Just what we need. Mike Cox, our current attorney general, has made sure that voter ID laws are respected in Michigan, handing down an opinion last year that photo ID requirement is lawful in Michigan. This flew over like a turd in the banquet punch bowl with ACORN, the SEIU, and a whole host of other 'social justice' thugs. What to do? Get one of their own in as attorney general to dismantle every sensible law so that elections can be stolen. Simple as that. Enter Jocelyn Benson, who's storied history against any voter ID requirement is legendary. ACORN and the SEIU sing folk songs about her efforts in making voter fraud as widespread as possible.

Great Orators of the Democrat Party

*From our friend Pat...

Great Orators of the Democrat Party
'One man with courage makes a majority.'
- Andrew Jackson
'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.'
- Franklin D. Roosevelt
'The buck stops here.'
- Harry S. Truman
'Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.'
- John F. (Jack) Kennedy

And now.. From Our Genius Democrats Of Today!
'It depends what your definition of 'IS' is.''
- Bill Clinton
'That Obama - I would like to cut his NUTS off.'
- Jesse Jackson
'Those rumors are false ... I believe in the sanctity of marriage.'
- John Edwards
'I invented the Internet'
- Al Gore
'The next person that tells me I'm not religious, I'm going to shove my rosary beads up their ASS.'
- Joe Biden
'America is--is no longer, uh, what it--it, uh, could be, uh, what it was once was ... uh, and I say to myself, 'uh, I don't want that future, uh, uh, for my children.'
- Barack Obama
'I have campaigned in all 57 states.'
- Barack Obama (Quoted 2008)
'You don't need God anymore, you have us Democrats.'
- Nancy Pelosi (Quoted 2006)
'Paying taxes is voluntary.'
- Sen. Harry Reid
'Bill is the greatest husband and father I know. No one is more faithful, true, and honest than he.'
- Hillary Clinton (Quoted 1998)


"Life's tough ... it's even tougher if you're stupid.''
- John Wayne

Palin Tops GOP Field for 2012

-Zogby Poll: Palin Tops GOP Field for 2012

Media Malpractice at March for Life

*Hat tip to CJ
At the 2010 March for Life the media set new standards for journalistic fraud. In its lead photo, CNN showed five pro-abortion picketers, all that could be found, and ignored the 300,000 pro-life marchers. CNN's Rick Sanchez wondered out loud which group dominated. Newsweek claimed that most participants were in their 60's when, in fact, most were under 25. This video sets the record straight.

The State of the Nation: I am afraid

-The State of the Nation: I am afraid
*Hat tip to CJ

The REAL SOTU Speech

-The Audacity of Oops - The Daily Beast
*Hat tip to Ercille
(Funny and true satire by Christopher Buckley). You will see that the lefties didn't like it....which means it MUST be good!

The Rise of the United Socialist States of America

*Hat tip to Micky


I just heard that the Republican in Florida is up by 10 points, the Republican is up in Pennsylvania by 14 and the Republican up for Bidens seat is ahead by 27 points.

I think that the Marxists are going down.

Per Rassmusen Poll.
1/26- DE Senate race (Biden's seat) Republican Mike Castle 56%; Democrat Chris Coons 27%
1/26- On a generic ballot Republicans 46%; Democrats 37%
1/27- American moving in the WRONG direction 65%
America moving in the RIGHT direction 29%
1/27 - 61% believe that it is at least somewhat likely Republicans will take control of Congress in November.
77% of Republicans believe it.
61% of unafilliated believe it.
47% of Democrats believe it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dems 2010 Plan Is to Try to Marginalize Republicans as Tea-Party Candidates, Birthers

-Dems 2010 Plan Is to Try to Marginalize Republicans as Tea-Party Candidates, Birthers


Delay in Seating MA Senator "Outrageous"

-ACLJ : Delay in Seating MA Senator "Outrageous"
*Hat tip to Steve D.

Man Arrested After Weapons, Map of U.S. Military Facility Seized From N.J. Motel Room

*Hat tip to Steve D


-Employer told not to post advert for ‘reliable’ workers because it discriminates against ‘unreliable’ applicants
how low do they want to lower the bar? Answer: low can it go?

Increased property taxes, sewer, water and trash

-Central Pennsylvania Real Estate: Harrisburg City; Increased property taxes, sewer, water and trash
What's yours is theirs.

Spending Freeze sounds like Slush

-This Freeze Sounds Like a Slushy

Why is Russia comparing Obama to Ahmadinejad?

-Why is Russia comparing Obama to Ahmadinejad? - Haaretz - Israel News

Media Bias- They Reap What They Sow

CBS Urged to Scrap Super Bowl Ad With Tebow, Mom

-CBS Urged to Scrap Super Bowl Ad With Tebow, Mom
*Hat tip to Fee
...because she chose life, chose to have her son instead of aborting him despite her condition. Tim Tebow is the awesome football player with the bible verses under his eyes during a game. Imagine if he were aborted? They should keep the ad during the Superbowl.

PAY ATTENTION: Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy?

*Our friend CJ has been doing alot of research on this...
The article is long, but a very important read. If it doesn't help you connect some dots, you haven't been paying close enough attention. When the buzzards take up the proposed Cap n Trade legislation, which is purportedly designed to combat global warming (climate change), be prepared to engage in yet another crucial battle.

If We the People don't win that one, we'll all be on the 'smart grid' and our energy use will be monitored and controlled by Big Brother. It may happen regardless, as they've been working toward that end for years. Read the article below and then check out the info at these links. I suggest you start a search with the words 'carbon currency'. Only the second link below is related to that. The info at the first link may surprise you. All the rest have to do with 'smart meters', the 'smart grid', and, yes, even the extorted 'stimulus' taxpayer money~Cj Nixon's announcement - June 29, 1973 $395 Billion business in 2014? FAQs (read the comments, too)


*Hat tip to CJ

Aren't Generals supposed to CRUSH the enemy?

Now he wants to be an ambassador? No thanks. Leave that to the incompetents in the State Dept.

FLASHBACK: Obama Ridicules McCain’s Call for Spending Freeze » Flashback: Obama Ridicules McCain’s Call for Spending Freeze
And now he is going to tout it in his SOTU speech tomorrow! Wow....what a flipflopper. Of course he doesn't WANT to freeze spending, this is more smoke and mirrors.

Public's Priorities for 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Game is Rigged

Throwing off the Yoke of the Nanny State

-Throwing off the Yoke of the Nanny State
A great quote: “Certainly, the spectre of corporate money buying candidates and influencing our political system is an unwholesome one. But the solution is not limiting campaign donations. It is limiting the power of government, so that the money spent in the system has less impact on our lives, and power is truly returned to ‘the little guy’ that politicians love to pay lip service to.”



The day after Obamacare was pronounced dead in the House by Pelosi, in secret , she and Reid revived the monster behind closed Democrap doors. Monday night Dick Morris exposed the plot and modus operandi. Like Freddy Kruger this monster will continue to rise (Marxists don't quit) until we finally kill it 11/2. Morris expose below, and the last minute strategy to defeat it............
*Hat tip to Greg

2 Million Jobs Saved Or Created, But 7 Million Have Been Lost

- Obama: 2 Million Jobs Saved Or Created, But 7 Million Have Been Lost

Unemployment Map- scary

-Unemployment Map
*Hat tip to Greg
Take a look at this map. It shows how the unemployment rate has changed over the past several months. When you get to the map, click the arrow in the middle and watch how things changed. Incredible what "The Great Recession" has done. The old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words" is never more true than looking at this map.

South Texan may be the next drug king

Outburst: ‘Lady al-Qaida’ Removed from Court Again

Congress Went to Denmark, You Got the Bill

-Congress Went to Denmark, You Got the Bill - CBS News

Send Obama and his Marxist Mafia to the Unemployment line

-YouTube - Obama Refuses to Rule Out Jail Time for People Who Don't Buy Health Insurance.
*Hat tip to CJ

December home sales down nearly 17 percent

-December home sales down nearly 17 percent - Yahoo! Finance

good job, Mr. President! You are clearly working hard for Americans.


*Hat tip to CJ

check out the figures on government spending and debt (last six digits are eliminated).
The government's fiscal year runs Oct. 1 through Sept. 30.

Theories abound to explain the deliberate harm to America

*Hat tip to Kati

Globalists 'salivating' over collapse of U.S.

-Globalists 'salivating' over collapse of U.S.
*Hat tip to Kati

Government Unions Win, You Lose

-Morning Bell: Government Unions Win, You Lose The Foundry: Conservative Policy News
*Hat tip to Z


-TOTUS Visits With School Kids; Obama Was There Too : The Powers That Be
he can't even talk to school children without his teleprompter! What a buffoon

Mr. Brown Goes to Washington

-Mr. Brown Goes to Washington
Heckuva Job, Brownie.

Who’s panting for Obama speech number 412? Exactly no one.

-Too Much of a Bad Thing: Who’s panting for Obama speech number 412? Exactly no one. By Mark Steyn

Obama's Failing Iran Policy

-To Obama's Pile of Woes, Add a Failing Iran Policy


He has too much support in AZ to get nixed as Senator, so he will probably run again for President. God help us.


-Fight on right enlivens Utah Senate race
They have to stand on their voting record. If they were complicit or spineless, they need to be primaried and tossed. Those who did the right thing for the country and the party, get rewarded with reelection. Time to clean house, folks.


Iraqi panel chief firm on purged candidates-
They reject Biden's proposal


-US Terror Blacklist Whitewashes Hamas, Enables Funding - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News
*Hat tip to Evie who says:
Geithner, as Sec. of Treasury has a LOT to answer for. WHO authorized him to wipe out the list of HAMAS members from the Terrorist Blacklist?????

More on the Global Warming Hoax

-UN scientist admits unverified data used for politics...
no kidding...really!

India, China won't sign Copenhagen Accord...

-Calls for UN climate chief to resign...

White House brass split on stimulus stats

-White House brass split on stimulus stats -
they can't even get their simple story straight and they want to run healthcare?

Democrats need to learn the blame game

-Democrats need to learn the blame game

Especially read the comments section. The Brits are going to get an earful of how sick to death everyone is of the Democrats. WOW!

J.D. Hayworth plans run against McCain

-My Way News - Former Ariz. congressman plans run against McCain
he's a good man

The Globalist Wall St. Fat Cats Who Are Managing Obama

-The Globalist Wall St. Fat Cats Who Are Managing Obama
*Hat tip to Kati

The Globalist Agenda continues

SEC mulled national security status for AIG details

part of all that "transparency", and "hope & change" thingy

Support Patrick Hughes in Illinois Special election on Feb. 2

-Patrick Hughes for Senate
*Hat tip to Greg K.

On Hannity's radio show Monday afternoon he acknowledged and addressed the Illinois primary next Tuesday for the first time. He reported in December Mark Kirk(liberal Republican) was leading businessman Patrick Hughes(conservative) by a margin of 51% to 3% for the Republican nod for Obama's Senate seat. He further reported that in a new poll as of Monday Hughes now led Kirk by 23% to 21%, with the remainder of the vote either undecided or split among minor candidates. I relish the thought of a bona fide conservative freshman sitting in Obama's seat, when nearby another conservative is sitting at Kennedy's desk.
If conservative talk radio and the national tea party movement come to Hughe's aide over the next seven days, after shocks will rock the political nation, complementing the January 19 earthquake in Massachusetts. Keep an eye on this one and spread the word to anyone you know in Illinois. Kirk's campaign has begun a dirty trick and the misinformation campaign. Obviously they feel the heat..... Greg
Let's help Pathrick Hughes to the finish line. United we stand!!


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Tax and Spend: U.N.'s Rx for New World Medical Order

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pray for our nation

-Pray for our nation
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This is lovely. Please join in prayer with your fellow countrymen and forward this to everyone.

American Thinker: Another Failed Presidency

-American Thinker: Another Failed Presidency
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This article is from last year, but it's all coming true now...

Phil says: It seems as if many in the country are finally getting it. I used to only receive articles like this one from a small number of people, like you and I, who were up on this guy from the beginning. Just a little over a year ago 60 plus percent of the country thought this guy was the second coming. Unfortunately they were wrong and we were right. ALL THAT BEING SAID AND WRITTEN WE MUST CONTINUE TO SPREAD THE WORD, SO TO SPEAK!

This guy will not stop, as he believes if he just can make us understand how good this is for us he will be vindicated. If we allow that to happen, it will be our own fault. Even though Nobama may never have experienced any real failure, those around him have and they know it is not over yet. Keep the faith.


Fostering the culture of failure
Almost 300,000 people in Connecticut get food stamps; more than 445,000 are on Medicaid; 156,000 collect unemployment. There's overlap here, but in a state of almost 4 million people, these numbers are alarming.Some people and most politicians will blame the recession first, but the state was the Land of Steady Handouts long before the Chris Dodd Bear Market took down the economy. In good times, the people who pass for state leaders, flush with other people's cash, qualified more and more people for the public dole. Even before the recession, close to 30 cents of every budgeted dollar was needed to finance "the safety net" and its attending bureaucracy. And even with $5.4 billion to spend this year, the Department of Social Services is running a $91 million Medicaid deficit.Long ago, the state got the reputation for generosity among career government dependents. So while heavily taxed professional people were streaming out of the state over the last two decades, the state backfilled its population with tax-eaters eager to vote for Democrats willing to give them more taxes to eat. So in reality, the rich-poor divide in Connecticut has less to do with the rich getting richer than the spiked increase in the low-income population.Naturally, when the bottom fell out of the economy and 88,200 jobs (so far) disappeared, state government's fortunes went through the floor because the shrunken poll of taxpayers couldn't stand the strain. The latest deficit underestimate is $513 million, but the state also is committed to spending perhaps $20 billion it doesn't have over the next several years. The unemployment-compensation fund went bankrupt in October, and the state has borrowed about $1 billion from the federal government to keep unemployment checks from bouncing. Its unfunded liability soon will surpass $60 billion, mostly because the only class of people more pampered than tax-eaters are unionized government employees.
This is pathetic, but the state has been taxing and penalizing Manufacturing companies until they close or relocate to avoid the insane tax rolls......CPTBut rather than recognize their years of economy-crippling errors and take advantage of the fiscal, political and economic clarity the recession and deficits are providing, Democrats continue to refuse to face reality, use any excuse to try to "soak the rich" and resort to every gimmick under the sun to avoid reining in spending.THIS IS WHAT IS GOING ON IN CT:
The Democrats' latest budget-balancing idea involves adding $130 million to the state's record debt to goose up entitlement and welfare benefits to qualify for greater federal reimbursements, which themselves are funded with borrowed money, and attract even more government dependents.Just how bad are the state's finances? Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz idolized the late Gov. Ella Grasso and modeled her political career after hers. For years, she has dreamed of being governor. Now Mrs. Bysiewicz has gone from being the front-runner in the governor's race to first in line to replace Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. Like most other Democrats, she'd rather see the state go down in flames than make career-ending budget decisions.



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