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Friday, April 9, 2010


From DAVE (you GO, Dave!!)

I listened to Hardball the other night and Mathews interviewed Representative Cohen who claims he was threatened and called names because he is Jewish. He blame everything on the racists of the Tea Party. I was actually kind of surprised that Mathews asked him about the radical left during Nam......but I had to write Cohen, that a-hole. z

Dear Representative Cohen:

I heard you on Hard Ball the other night, and was interested in your comments re Martin Luther King. You do know that King was killed by James Earl Ray, a leftist and member of the KKK, an organization established by Southern Democrats.

We do need to be knowledgeable of history with regard to race and racism, so here are a few facts. It is interesting how Democrats have forgotten the facts.

Democrats are the Party:

…of Andrew “Stonewall” Jackson, founder of the Democrat Party, pro-slavery, and who personally lead raids to annihilate Native Americans;

…of Jefferson Davis, leading Senate Democrat, President of the Confederacy, anti-secession, and pro-slavery;

…that gave up 1,050,000 of their lives on the civil war battlefields to protect their rights to own slaves;

…that created the Ku Klux Klan which murdered thousands of blacks;

…that from 1870-1930 used fraud, whippings, lynchings, murder, intimidation and mutilation to force blacks to vote for them;

…that passed the Black Code Laws of 1860 at the state and local level which deprived blacks of their civil right and civil liberties;

…of Chief Justice Roger Brook Taney, who supported the Dred v. Scott decision that blacks were not citizens and not protected by the Constitution;

…of Stephan A. Douglas, candidate for President, who supported the Dred v. Scott Decision;

…of President Woodrow Wilson, who was openly racist;

…that voted against the 13th Amendment, eliminating slavery, December 6, 1865;

…that voted against the 14th Amendment, granting citizenship to blacks, July 9, 1868;

…that voted against the 15th Amendment, granting blacks the right to vote, February 3, 1870;

…that passed the Jim Crow Laws from 1876-1965 at the state and local level which ensured segregation of public facilities and accommodation under the proclamation of
“separate but equal;”

…of Presidents Roosevelt and Truman who refused to sign legislation that would protect blacks from lynching;

…of Presidents Roosevelt and Truman who rejected efforts to establish a permanent Civil Rights Commission;

…of Senator John F. Kennedy who opposed the 1957 Civil Rights Act;

...of President John F. Kennedy who opposed the 1963 march by Martin L King and had the FBI wire tap him because he believed King what a national threat;

… of Supreme Court Justice Hugo La Fayette Black, Democrat Senator Alabama, and a proud member of the KKK, who invented the “Wall between church and state” from whole cloth writing the minority opinion in Everson v. Board of Education (Citation:330 U.S. 1 [1947], Docket: 52);

…of Robert Byrd, Senator-WV who was a proud member and Grand Pupa of the KKK;

…that showed less support for the 1964 Civil Rights Act (Publ. 88-352, 78 Stat, 241, July 2, 1964).

88th Congress voted the legislation as follows:

Vote on the Original House Bill:

Democrats- 61% Yea; 39% Nay

Republicans- 82% Yea; 20% Nay

Vote on the Original Senate Bill:

Democrats- 68% Yea; 32% Nay

Republicans- 82% Yea; 18% Nay

Vote on the Senate version by the House:

Democrats: 63% Yea; 37% Nay

Republicans: 80% Yea; 20% Nay

… that showed less support for the 1965 Voting Rights Act (42 U.S.C. 1973-1973 aa-6)

89th Congress voted the legislation as follows:

Vote on the Original Senate Bill:

Democrats: 73% Yea; 37% Nay

Republicans: 94% Yea; 6% Nay

Vote on the Original House Bill:

Democrats: 78% Yea; 22% Nay

Republicans: 94% Yea; 6% Nay

…of Al Gore who during the 2000 presidential election accused his opponents of preventing blacks from voting, an accusation found to be untrue by the Civil Rights Commission;

…of Senator Ted Kennedy who referred to blacks being considered for political
appointments as “Neanderthals;”

Of course, I am sure you know the facts, but must stick to the party line in order to continue black exploitation.




This "group" is trying to infiltrate the Tea Party Movement.....BE AWARE. This is what they have in mind for us. Learn their tactics.....and use them against them. Perhaps we should all join and infiltrate THEM.

Crash The Tea Party!

Tom Campbell: Tool of the Muslim Brotherhood?

We should go back to electing farmers instead of the garbage that is attracted to elected office now. Many of them (maybe most of them) are worse enemies of the state than al qaeda.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Al "Nappy Head Hoe" Sharpton

-YouTube - Al "Nappy Head Hoe" Sharpton
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Manning tells it like it is in a way no one else could get away with. Gotta love the guy.

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Click here: YouTube - The Obama Spin Machine Fights Trial

The Rape of America

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Wow...the analogy is really true