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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Check the website of our friend Publius Huldah, a strict Constructionist, for more information Publius-Huldah's Blog

How Immigration Enforcement Has Interfered with Workers’ Rights

-ICED OUT: How Immigration Enforcement Has Interfered with Workers’ Rights
*hat tip to Carolyn

Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Constitution

-YouTube - Judge Andrew Napolitano Natural rights Patriot Act - Part 3 of 3

He's very good. And if you want to hear about our other rights under the Constitution, tune in to these also:
-YouTube - Judge Andrew Napolitano Q&A Part 1 of 2

-YouTube - Judge Andrew Napolitano Q&A Part 2 of 2
*hat tip to Carolyn

Another Failed Presidency

-American Thinker: Another Failed Presidency
*hat tip to Suzanne

-What A Difference A Leader Makes Salt and Light Blog
*hat tip to Ercille

Confronting the Spin on the Fort Hood Massacre

-The New Media Journal Confronting the Spin on the Fort Hood Massacre by Frank Salvato
*hat tip to our friend Dave Jeffers of Salt & Light

How much do you miss the Bushes?

-George W. Bush visits Fort Hood before President Obama
is anyone surprised?

-George W. Bush Secretly Visits Fort Hood Victims -
I didn't agree with him about everything, but at least he was a REAL President and had some wisdom and class.

Atheist Soros Funds Catholic Groups

-Cliff Kincaid -- Atheist Soros Funds Catholic Groups
*hat tip to CJ's Corner

-Church: DC's same-sex 'marriage' bill threatens programs ( fighting back??

Freedom Force

-Freedom Force - FAQ
*hat tip to CJ's Corner

Leakers blasted by US Defense Secretary

-Leakers blasted by US Defense Secretary

Dudd, At It Again - Dodd, At It Again

Sen. Chris Dodd's proposed overhaul would replace the
Federal Reserve with a "super regulator" to oversee the banking and financial industries. Will it work? Consider the source.

*hat tip CJ's Corner


-Poll: Anti-incumbent sentiment surges - Kendra Marr -

-Uniting the American Right

Are ALL Janets bad for America?

-Immigration reform: Napolitano says change to law vital to homeland security - El Paso Times
And we thought Janet Reno was bad.


-Eric Holder to Try 9/11 al Qaeda Planners in NY Civilian Court -

-Blinded Prison Guard: Don't House Terror Suspects in NYC - Local News News Articles National News US News -

-Not Another New England Sports Blog!: UPDATE: Khalid Sheikh -Mohammed to be Charged For Not Having Approved Health Insurance C...

-A loss for America

-Eric Holder’s Hidden Agenda by Andrew C. McCarthy on National Review Online (Part 1)

-Holder's Hidden Agenda, cont'd . . . - Andy McCarthy - The Corner on National Review Online (Part 2)

-Giuliani: Obama’s 9/11 Trials Decision Will Lead to More Terrorism

-Rep. Peter King Disgusted by 9/11 Trials in NY

-McCain Rips Obama over 9/11 Trials Decision

-The American Spectator : Mukasey Blasts Pre-9/11 Mentality in KSM Decision

Krauthammer: Giving KSM The Rights Of An American Citizen is Unconscionable

-RealClearPolitics - Video - Krauthammer: Giving KSM The Rights Of An American Citizen is Unconscionable
Amen, Mr. Krauthammer.


-RubinReports: Why I Murdered 13 American Soldiers at Fort Hood: Nidal Hassan Explains It All to You

-American Thinker Blog: How many at Fort Hood died because of the Army's gun ban?

-Charles Krauthammer : Medicalizing Mass Murder -

-American Thinker: Obama's Man-Caused Disaster Chickens Come Home to Roost

Obama Frees Prisoner He Thinks Is a Terrorist

-Obama Frees Prisoner He Thinks Is a Terrorist - HUMAN EVENTS

Obama Pro-Abortion Judicial Pick David Hamilton

-Senate Will Vote on Obama Pro-Abortion Judicial Pick David Hamilton Next Week

The Impact Of Trillion-Dollar Deficits

The Impact Of Trillion-Dollar Deficits

Bloomberg is a fool

Mike's 'outreach' idiocy

Obama Stands with Dictators and Muslims

-American Thinker Blog: Obama Stands with Dictators and Muslims
*hat tip to Carolyn

Harry Reid's Dirty Deeds

-Harry Reid's Dirty Deeds
a crook and a liar

Census to include illegal immigrants altering crucial votes

-Census to include illegal immigrants altering crucial votes in US House of Representatives
*hat tip to Steve U

Letter to Pelosi goes Viral on the Internet

-Thoughts of a Conservative Christian Attorney (Letter to Nancy Pelosi)
*hat tip to Barb

Check this guy's credentials.

Born St. Louis , Missouri , August 21, 1944
Bar Admissions:
North Carolina, 1969
U.S. District Court, Eastern, Middle and Western Districts of North Carolina, 1969
U.S. Tax Court
Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
Education: Woodford College, 1966 A.B.
Mercer University, 1969 J.D.
Phi Alpha Delta
Vice-Justice, District XIV, 1968 - 1969
Professional Associations and Memberships:
North Carolina and American Bar Associations (Member, Sections on: Administrative Law; General Practice; Litigation)
26th Judicial District and North Carolina State Bar
Mecklenburg County Bar Association
American Association of Justice
North Carolina Trial Lawyers Association
Captain, U.S. Army, 1969-1971, Vietnam
National Defense Medal, 1969
Republic of Viet Nam Service Medal, 1970
Bronze Star Medals (2), 1971

Assistant District Attorney, Mecklenburg County , 1971 - 1974
Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
Chairman, Board of Trustees Providence United Methodist Church
Board of Directors, Alexander Children's Home
Board of Directors, Charlotte Culinary Institute
Wofford Alumni Executive Council
Scoutmaster, Boy Scouts of America
Board of Directors, Boy Scouts of America of Mecklenburg County
Board of Directors, Girl Scout Council
Life Member, National Eagle Scout Association
Life Member, Girl Scouts of America

U.S. Banks Nearly Socialist

-Kaufman: U.S. Banks Nearly Socialist ...nearly?

Good survey on Healthcare
The results go right to your "representatives" (and I use that term lightly)
*hat tip to Kat G.

Obama’s despicable treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

-Obama’s despicable treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Obama only identifies with tyrants, crooks, scumbags...and terrorists.
*hat tip to Steve U.

Political Correctness Has Poisoned America

-The Reality Check » Political Correctness Has Poisoned America
*hat tip to Donald

GOT COAL? Companies on Santa's DooDoo list

-Naughty or Nice Christmas List 2009
*hat tip to Kat G.

Another Bogus ACORN Lawsuit

-Michelle Malkin : Another Bogus ACORN Lawsuit -
*hat tip to Karin

ACORN- License to steal

Why would ANYONE support this president?

-Scott Rasmussen and Douglas E. Schoen: Obama Is Losing Independent Voters -

Connecting the Dots

-Connecting the Dots
Is Jamie Gorelick putting up firewalls again? Why aren't these agencies sharing info? How many dead Americans is it going to take to start coordinating information about jihadists in America?????


-Fury at plan to try September 11 mastermind near Ground Zero

-The Worst Decision by a US President in History – by David Horowitz FrontPage Magazine
*hat tip to Lucianne Goldberg

- For Holder, much wrestling over decision

-Palin: Obama's Horrible Decision - Robert Costa - Rogue on National Review Online

-A Risky Proposition for Democrats- risky? Try suicidal.

The news keeps getting worse and worse with this idiot crew in the White House. Without a doubt THE worst President and administration EVER. Making Jimmy Carter look like a real statesman and leader. God help us all. How does a nation survive 3 more years of this abject stupidity? Or are they just EVIL? It's one or the other.

Big Brother Watches Them...and soon us.

-Netherlands to levy 'green' road tax by the kilometre

Everyone in Britain could be given a personal 'carbon allowance' - Telegraph

Friday, November 13, 2009

White House hiding info on Fort Hood

-Top Republican says White House hiding info on Fort Hood - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

We know Bush...and Obama is no George Bush.

-Thank you former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush « HillBuzz
*hat tip to Karin


9/11 suspects to be tried in New York U.S. Reuters
Bringing that bloodthirsty terrorist bastard "Kaleed Sheik Whatever" to American soil and putting New Yorkers through this? Does this idiot Eric Holder and his fellow Obamanuts really want to bring the mastermind of 9/11 to America for a civil trial? Besides the fact that he doesn't deserve one, besides the fact it's not appropriate in a case like this, besides the fact that Guantanamo was set up to do this safely and efficiently, it's dangerous! What is wrong with Obama and his corrupt cronies and clowns? Have they no common sense, OR.... do they WANT to get their Islamic terrorist friend freed? I'm sure they will handpick the most liberal judge to hear the case...not that there are probably any judges in NY who aren't leftwing and who will empathize with terrorists like they empathize with criminals instead of victims.

There could be terrorist plots to attack the courthouse to free him, there could be daily bomb threats from Islamic crazies to drag this trial out forever. And just the idea of that bastard back in America is UNACCEPTABLE! Not to mention they won't be able to find a jury of people who aren't already biased in this case, so they will stall and stall and things will get more and more dangerous.. It will be another 4 yrs before Americans get any justice for his crimes against humanity and America. If ever! THIS IS INSANE.

It's another idiot idea from the idiots in the White House. So once again, dear friends, we have to complain to Congress and threaten them with ousting them in the 2010 elections. They clearly care more about their jobs than about justice for 3000 dead Americans, otherwise this wouldn't be happening.

WE MUST STOP THIS STUPIDITY NOW. We must force them to protect Americans, not terrorists. And why do we even need to have this conversation with them? Isn't that a given? Not with this batch of traitors.

Is there NO ONE left in office with any common sense or concern for the safety of Americans? For CRISSAKES! Why can't they just use the brains God gave them? Or maybe they were out sick they day God gave them out.

Disgusted beyond belief.

Bush warns of threats to freedom, economic growth

-Bush warns of threats to freedom, economic growth - Washington Times

Erasing the Connection between ACORN & OBAMA

-Rep. Steve King: Bauer was hired to 'erase tracks' between Obama, ACORN - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
wow...what a shock. Right. I'm just shocked that they didn't have the smarts to erase the connections BEFORE the schmuck took his oath to ignore the Constitution and the laws of the land.

Can you believe this BULL?

-ACORN Sues Over 'Unconstitutional' Funding Cuts By Congress -
What in hell does ACORN know about the Constitution? I wonder what part gave them the right to cheat, lie and steal from the US citizens?

Beware Copenhagen- the end of our sovereignty

-“CLIMATE CHANGE” TREATY: The Supreme Law Of The Land? Or Lawless Usurpation?
*hat tip to our new friend Publius. Please visit her site, there is a lot of great information in the articles she writes.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Being attacked from every side, we must continue to fight

-Tea Party Against Amnesty and Illegal Immigration Nov. 14 (ROUND 1)
If the Feds aren't threatening our national security, they are threatening our healthcare, or our free market system, or our Second Amendment, or our First Amendment...or our sovereignty...or our borders...or US. All at the same time. And they do it to wear us down. We must stand up and keep fighting the bastards.

Well said, Mr. Steyn

-Nuts - Mark Steyn - The Corner on National Review Online

What do you make of this?????

-IBM Internal Document Outlines Knowledge of Planned Pandemic With 100% Certainty : Health Freedom Alliance
*hat tip to Carolyn


-Soldier speaks out about planned quarantines and RFID tracking of those rejecting SWINE FLU vaccine

Will political correctness destroy America?

-Will political correctness destroy America? Editorial Archives
*hat tip to Kati

Political Correctness: The Scourge of Our Times

-Political Correctness: The Scourge of Our Times
*hat tip to Kati

Dark secrets of AARP finally exposed to light

-Dark secrets of AARP finally exposed to light

Biting pearls from Ann Coulter

-Muslim Suffers Bruised Ego in Fort Hood Tragedy - HUMAN EVENTS


CJ's Corner put together an interesting set of articles to remind us about how much of our liberty we have lost and will continue to lose...

-Justice Dept. Asked For News Site's Visitor Lists

-Citizen snoopers recruited to spy on Londoners

-Total Proof of the New World Order 10 minute YouTube video

Thanks CJ!

Secretary Napolitano told to step down following Fort Hood comments

-Secretary Napolitano told to step down following Fort Hood comments
the Obama loser after another.
*hat tip to CJ's Corner

-Obama not forthcoming with "Fort Hood Massacre" information

Stop the Copenhagen Treason – Prevent a One World Order!

-United States Justice Foundation
*hat tip to Kati

CAIR speaker to Muslims: OK to attack Fort Bragg

-CAIR speaker to Muslims: OK to attack Fort Bragg
*hat tip to FB

Obama and his UN pals coming after our Second Amendment rights

-U.S. reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade Politics Reuters
*hat tip to my Uncle Bob


Just want to take this opportunity to say thanks. I have nothing but appreciation, respect and admiration for you and the sacrifices you have made for your country. God bless you all.


-Guarding the ranks --
Religious tolerance in the military does not trump security concerns.

- - PC'd to death: The Army must give answers

-When a Time Bomb is Ticking


-YouTube - Col Ralph Peters on Maj Hassan follow the money
they guy was making 6 figures, yet was living in a cheesy apartment. WHAT WAS HE DOING WITH HIS MONEY?

Lawyers for Hasan want trial conducted off military base

-Lawyers for Hasan want trial conducted off military base


-American Thinker: To Hell with the Constitution?

-John Cassidy on ObamaCare -

-Lieberman on Public Option Health Care: 'I Have No Other Choice ...I've Got To Stop It'

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Was Maj. Hasan a jihadi islamist?

-Was Maj. Hasan a jihadi islamist?
interesting detail about his garb on the day he committed mass murder.

EXCLUSIVE: Warner: Obama misplayed health care debate

-Washington Times - EXCLUSIVE: Warner: Obama misplayed health care debate


-Blame game erupts over probe of Fort Hood suspect - Yahoo! News
Don't you feel safer now?

-Army Wasn't Told of Alleged Fort Hood Shooter Hasan's Emails -

-'Muslim Mafia' author ordered to remove documents from Web McClatchy

-Official: Nidal Hasan Had "Unexplained Connections" - ABC News

-Fort Hood suspect was under FBI probe in 2008 Houston & Texas News - Houston Chronicle

-Fort Hood Shooter Tried to Contact al Qaeda Terrorists, Officials Say - ABC News


The Problems with Socialized Health Care

-The Problems with Socialized Health Care
Alot of good info here. Make sure you scroll down and read the list of horror headlines about England's National Health care (the section called "straight from the headlines")....they will stand your hair on end.
*hat tip to Greg

Forgotten Proof of Islamic Evil on US Soil

-Forgotten Proof of Islamic Evil on US Soil by Dr. Paul L. Williams
*hat tip to Ercille
A scary history that continues today. Islam is a cancer and it's metasticizing. We need to radiate our prisons of this cancer too.

"Let Them Eat Cake" say the DC 220

-Final Vote Results for Roll Call 887
*hat tip to Carolyn

The Sociopathic Epidemic (another good one)

-American Thinker: The Sociopathic Epidemic
*hat tip to CJ's Corner (CJ is on a roll!)

Obamerika (good read)

American Thinker: Obamerika
*hat tip to CJ's Corner

Responding to modern Marxism

November 9, 2009 Responding to modern Marxism
*hat tip to CJ's Corner

Shocking numbers: Real unemployment tops 22%

-Shocking numbers: Real unemployment tops 22%

Sign the National Petition Opposing Socialized ObamaCare

-Sign the National Petition Opposing Socialized ObamaCare
*hat tip to Kat G


-Protest on Nancy Pelosi’s home turf, San Francisco, November 15, noon ’til 4 *UPDATED*
*hat tip to Dodie

***"Soldier of Allah"

-Major Muslim's Calling Card: "SoA", "Soldier of Allah" - Atlas Shrugs
*hat tip to Carolyn

November 16th: Rally for Rifqa

-November 16th: Rally for Rifqa! - Atlas Shrugs
*hat tip to Carolyn

Anti-Jesus Pro-Allah Judge David Hamilton Will Get Senate Vote

-Anti-Jesus Pro-Allah Judge David Hamilton Will Get Senate Vote 11-9 - 11-13 - Patriotic Resistance
another assault on our Constitution.
*hat tip to Kati

Fort Hood Memorial » Fort Hood Memorial: Obama Blames ‘Twisted Logic’ for Killings
A memorial site so you can leave your thoughts and condolences and read those of others.
*hat tip to FB


The Ft. Hood co-conspirators
The shooting attack at Ft. Hood Thursday by a Muslim soldier is anything but an isolated incident. It is the latest in a series of attacks by Muslim soldiers who have violated their oath to protect and defend this country, instead placing their allegiance in the religion, culture and political system known as Islam. Even if it is ultimately determined that Nidal Malik HASAN was the sole perpetrator in this mass murder, there are co-conspirators. (read it all)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ranking Republican on Intel Committee Says Administration is Witholding Information on Fort Hood Attack - Ranking Republican on Intel Committee Says Administration is Witholding Information on Fort Hood Attack, Demand...
He was rebuffed. What a shocker. Our military has been infiltrated with leftwing lunatics. Those soldiers are dead because leadership refused to do anything about Hasan. There should be lawsuits up the wazoo. They are as guilty as Hasan.


-Election Night Blues- Center for Immigration Studies
...and if you don't then you having been paying attention.
*hat tip to Kati

What was the motive behind Nidal Malik Hasan’s killing spree?

-Drew Deadken's Den (She's an ex-leftwinger who finally saw the light and moved towards it. Check out her new blog) *hat tip to FB

The question is not “What was the motive behind Nidal Malik Hasan’s killing spree?” as the clues are obvious:

*He was a devout Muslim who attended the same radical mosque as some of the 9/11 hijackers
*He stated that the war on terror was a “war on Islam”
*He voiced his opposition to US troops in the Middle East and said that “Muslims should stand up and fight against the aggressor” and that “Muslims should strap on suicide bombs and detonate them in Times Square”.
*He posted things online about the heroism of jihadist suicide bombers
*He was placed on probation for proselytizing about Islam to patients and colleagues.
*He discussed how the Koran orders for the decapitation of infidels
*He yelled out the terrorist calling card “Allahu Akbar” before opening fire on our soldiers

British spies help prevent al Qaeda-inspired attack on New York subway

-British spies help prevent al Qaeda-inspired attack on New York subway - Telegraph
Thanks Brits, we obviously can't rely on our own intel anymore. They are too afraid to be prosecuted for "racism" to do their job.

Repost: Obama Appoints two 'Devout Muslims' to homeland security posts

YIKES! After Fort Hood maybe Janet No-clue-itano will give a second thought to these two appointments. Wait......she and Obozo didn't learn anything from having Maj. Nidal Hasan on their Homeland Security transition team, why would we expect them to do anything about these two.
Obama Appoints two 'Devout Muslims' to homeland security posts. Doesn't this make you feel safer already?

OBAMA APPOINTMENT: Arif Alikhan, Asst Secretary DHS - Atlas Shrugs

-American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee: After Ten Years of Service, ADC Congratulates Kareem Shora for Appointment as DH...
*hat tip to Jeanne


-YouTube - 1/6 BELL TOLLING for the Swine Flu (CAMPANAS por la gripe A) subtitled
#1 of 6 short "must watch" videos. These are very interesting videos of a nun/doctor in Spain explaining what has been going on with this flu. And how Baxter and the WHO are implicated. She seems very credible.
*hat tip to CJ's Corner


NOT ME. They just sold you out.

AARP could benefit from the health insurance reforms it advocates


-Lesson of Fort Hood Jihad.......... Army Chief General Casey fears backlash for Muslim US soldiers - Atlas Shrugs

Speculation could potentially heighten backlash against
some of our Muslim soldiers and what happened at Fort Hood was a tragedy, but I believe it would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty here.

Diversity as a casualty would be an "even greater tragedy" than the casualties of this act of war on American soil. I cannot believe what I am reading. It was not a tragedy, it was an terrorist attack. This is Obama's military command?

UPATE: Army Chaplain Seeks Prayers for Fort Hood Shooter pu-lease.

UPDATE: Fort Hood's 9/11 by Colonel Ralph Peters (who makes more sense than General Casey!)

UPDATE: Hasan Wanted to Die a Muslim Martyr

*thanks to patriots Greg and Bill M for their links.


-Northeast Intelligence Network Investigating threats to our homeland
*hat tip to Greg

Alleged Fort Hood Shooter Frequented Local Strip Club

-Alleged Fort Hood Shooter Frequented Local Strip Club - Local News
Practicing and getting ready for his 72 virgins? "Hey terrorist schmuck, ...there are no virgins in hell, pal."

Army shooter's mosque run by Muslim Mafia

-Army shooter's mosque run by Muslim Mafia
Islamic center in Maryland preaches violent jihad, Shariah law
*hat tip to Greg

Fort Hood Shooter Tried to Contact al Qaeda Terrorists

-Fort Hood Shooter Tried to Contact al Qaeda Terrorists, Officials Say - ABC News *hat tip to Bill M.

UPDATE: Officials: U.S. Aware of Hasan Efforts to Contact al-Qaida

UPDATE: Lieberman: Shooter Acted Like 'Terrorist'

Sunday, November 8, 2009

"WE will control the vertical, WE will control the horizontal....

...WE will control EVERYTHING, because WE are the Obamarxists!"
-Secret global trade talks spur civil libertarians' outrage at Obama -- DailyFinance##
*hat tip to Kat G.

What the Pelosi Health Care Bill Really Says - MUST READ

-Betsy McCaughey: What the Pelosi Health Care Bill Really Says -
*hat tip to Kat G.
Our infamous Nazi Pelosi and friends not only stabbed us in the back, they twisted the knife.


-Evergreen Solar moves manufacturing to China - Mass High Tech Business News
China knows how to grow an economy and make it work (like we used to)...but WE are being led by morons who clearly don't have a clue how to run anything but their mouths. Either they are stupid or they are evil and purposely trying to destroy our free market system. Which do you think is more likely a scenario? STUPID or EVIL?
*hat tip to FB

Also: High tech companies face shortages as China hoards metals.

Visiting the White House

-Bill O'Reilly : Visiting the White House -

NEA is currently promoting the overthrow of capitalism, free enterprise, and pro-American values. Surprised? Nah.

*hat tip to Micky
-NEA - Recommended Reading: Saul Alinsky, The American Organizer
On their official web-site, the NEA is currently promoting the radical anti-establishment doctrines of Saul Alinsky. The NEA is actively, and openly, advocating the overthrow of capitalism, free enterprise, and conservative (read that , pro-American) values.

-How Teachers Are Poisoning Our Children


-ObamaCare endorsements: What the bribe was - The Hill's Pundits Blog and there is the rest of the story
*hat tip to Karin

REPOSTING: Pelosi 'Healthcare' Bill: Buy a $15,000 Policy or Go to Jail

First Hand Account from Fort Hood

This is a first hand account of the shootings at Ft Hood TX by an Army JAG [Judge Advocate General's Corps, the Army's lawyers] officer, a captain who was at the scene of the shootings. It appears to be authentic. I have added comments in [ ] to explain Army terms.Good report. He¹s lucky to be alive. *hat tip to Steve D

Sent: Friday, November 06, 2009 10:05 AM
Subject: FW: Fort Hood Account from JAG officer onsite
Subject: What happened

Since I don't know when I'll sleep (it's 4 am now) I'll write what happened (the abbreviated version.....the long one is already part of the investigation with more to come). I'll not write about any part of the investigation that I've learned about since (as a witness I know more than Ishould since inevitably my JAG brothers and sisters are deeply involved in the investigation). Don't assume that most of the current media accounts are very accurate. They're not. They'll improve with time. Only those of us who were there really know what went down. But as they collate our statements they'll get it right. I did my SRP last week (Soldier Readiness Processing) but you're supposed to come back a week later to have them look at the smallpox vaccination site. (it's this big itchy growth on your shoulder). I am probably alive because Ipulled a ---------- and entered the wrong building first (the main SRP building).The Medical SRP building is off to the side. Realizing my mistake I left the mainbuilding and walked down the sidewalk to the medical SRP building.As I'm walking up to it the gunshots start. Slow and methodical. But continuous.Two ambulatory wounded came out. Then two soldiers dragging a third who wascovered in blood. Hearing the shots but not seeing the shooter, along with a coupleother soldiers I stood in the street and yelled at everyone who came running that it was clear but to"RUN!". I kept motioning people fast. about 6-10 minutes later (theshooting continuous), two cops ran up. one male, one female. we pointed in the direction of the shots. they headed that way (the medical SRPbuilding was about 50 meters away). then a lot more gunfire. a couple minutes later a balding man in ACU's [Army Combat Uniforme] came around the building carrying a pistol and holding it tactically. He started shooting at us and we all dived back to the cars behind us. I don't think he hit the couple other guys who were there. I did see the bullet holes later in the cars. First I went behind a tire and then looked under the body of the car. I've been trained how to respond to gunfire...but with my own weapon. To have no weapon I don't know how to explain what that felt like. I hadn't run away and stayed because I had thought about the consequences or anything like that. I wasn't thinking anything through. Please understand, there was no intention. I was just staying there because I didn't think about running. It never occurred to me that he might shoot me. Until he started shooting in my direction and I realized I was unarmed.Then the female cop comes around the corner. He shoots her. (according to the news account she got a round into him. I believe it, I just didn't see it. he didn't go down.) She goes down. He starts reloading. He's fiddling with his mags. Weirdly he hasn't dropped the one that was in his weapon. He's holding the fresh one and the old one (you do that on the range when time is not of the essence but in combat you would just let the old mag go). I see the male cop around the left corner of the building. (I'm about 15-20 meters from the shooter.) I yell at the cop, "He's reloading, he's reloading. Shoot him! Shoot him!) You have to understand, everything was quiet at this point. The cop appears to hear me and comes around the corner and shoots the shooter. He goes down. The cop kicks his weapon further away. I sprint up to the downed female cop. Another captain (I think he was with me behind the cars)comes up as well. She's bleeding profusely out of her thigh. We take our belts offand tourniquet her just like we've been trained (I hope we did it right...we didn't have any CLS(combat lifesaver) bags with their awesome tourniquets on us, so we worked with what we had). Meanwhile, in the most bizarre moment of the day, a photographer was standing over us taking pictures. I suppose I'll be seeing those tomorrow. Then a soldier came up and identified himself as a medic. I then realized her weapon was lying there unsecured (and on "fire"). I stood over it and when I saw a cop yelled for him to come over and secure her weapon (I would have done so but I was worried someone would mistake mefor a bad guy). I then went over to the shooter. He was unconscious. A Lt Colonel was there and had secured his primary weapon for the time being. He also had a revolver. I couldn't believe he was one of ours. I didn't want to believe it.Then I saw his name and rank and realized this wasn't just some specialist with mental issues.At this point there was a guy there from CID [Criminal Investigation Dept.] and I asked him if he knew he was the shooter and had him secured. He said he did. I then went over the slaughter house. the medical SRP building. No human should ever have to see what that looked like. and I won't tell you. Just believe me. Please. there was nothing to be done there. Someone then said there was someone critically wounded around the corner. I ran around (while seeing this floor to ceiling window that someone had jumped through movie style) and saw a large African-American soldier lying on his back with two or three soldiers attending. I ran up and identified two entrance wounds on the right side of his stomach, one exit wound on the left side and one head wound. He was not bleeding externally from the stomach wounds (though almost certainly internally)but was bleeding from the head wound. A soldier was using a shirt to try and stop the head bleeding. He was conscious so I began talking to him to keep him so. He was 42, from NorthCarolina, he was named something Jr., his son was named something III and hehad a daughter as well. His children lived with him. He was divorced. I told him the blubber on his stomach saved his life. He smiled. a youngsoldier in civvies showed up and identified himself as a combat medic. We debated whether to put him on the back of a pickup truck. A doctor (well, an audiologist) showed up and said you can't move him, he has a head wound. we finally sat tight. I went back to the slaughterhouse. they weren't letting anyonein there. not even medics. finally, after about 45 minutes had elapsed some cops showedup in tactical vests. someone said the TBI building was unsecured. They headed into there.All of a sudden a couple more shots were fired. People shouted there was a second shooter.a half hour later the SWAT showed up. there was no second shooter. that had been an impetuous cop apparently.but that confused things for a while. meanwhile I went back to the shooter.the female cop had been taken away. a medic was pumping plasma into the shooter. I'm not proud of this but I went up to her and said "this is the shooter, is there anyone elsewho needs them first". she indicated everyone else living was attended to. I still hadn't seen any EMTs or ambulances. I had so much blood on me that people kept asking me if I was ok. but that was all otherpeople's blood. eventually (an hour and a half to two hours after the shootings) they started landing choppers. they took out the big African American guy and the shooter. I guess the ambulatory wounded were all at the SRP building. Everyone else in my area was dead.I suppose the emergency responders were told there were multiple shooters.I heard that was the delay with the choppers (they were all civilianhelicopters). they needed a secure LZ [landing zone]. but other than the initial cops who did everything right, I didn't see a lot of them for a while. I did see many a soldier rush out to help their fellows/sisters. there was one female soldier, I don't know her name or rank but I would recognize her anywherewho was everywhere helping people. a couple people, mainly civilians, were hysterical, but only a couple. one civilian freaked out when I tried to comfort her when she saw my uniform. I guess she had seen the shooter up close. a lot of soldiers were rushing out to help even when we thoughtthere was another gunman out there. this Army is not broken no matter what the pundits say. not the Army I saw. and then they kept me for a long time to come.oh, and perhaps the most surreal thing, at 1500 (the end of the workday on Thursdays)when the bugle sounded we all came to attention and saluted the flag. in the middle of it all.this is what I saw. it can't have been real. but this is my small corner of> what happened.-------------------------------------------Talk to you later.
Regards, Bruce

"We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men [and women] stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." - George Orwell

Tea Party activists regroup and launch new plans

-Day of Rest, You're Gonna Need It!
Let's give them all the help we can. They are working for US...unlike our elected "representatives" or should I call them "our elected reprehensibles".


-YouTube - Total Proof of Swine Flu Scam - Scientists and Insiders say it is Manmade - NWO FRAUD
There is so much contradictory info out there that I don't know what to think. For every article I read about how dangerous it is, I read another article that says it's a hoax. Just the other day I posted an article about a media investigation finding that most of these "swine flu" cases are in fact not swine flu at all...and in many cases no kind of flu. And now this older report? What is one to think? Even doctors don't agree.
*hat tip to Steve D

And this.....YouTube - WARNING! Truth behide Swine flu! ~ Do NOT take Vaccines! ~

-YouTube - Doctor Admits Vaccine Is More Deadly Than Swine Flu Itself & Will Not Give It To His Kids


When it comes to Islamic terror, our Ministry of Truth, aka the mainstream media, is slavishly following the lead of The One, who has proclaimed the guiding lie for the Fort Hood Muslim massacre of unarmed Americans: “We can’t fully know what leads a man to do such a thing,” Obama says.
By thus attempting to disarm us of our power of rational thought, Barack Obama and the MSM reveal their underlying alliance with our enemies, both foreign and domestic. They practice willful denial to hide from us the painful truth that Islam is a criminal religion. (READ IT ALL)

*hat tip to Steve D