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Saturday, May 22, 2010

OUCH! Obama Economy- May 22, 2010

Another set of new numbers from Z...

Obama Economy- May 22, 2010

On May 1, 2010 President Obama said our economy is “in a much better place than a year ago. The economy that was loosing jobs a year ago is creating jobs today. We are moving forward. Our economy is stronger.”

May 7 the New York Times reports 290,000 jobs were created in April, 66,000 of which were created in government.

May 7 the Department of Labor announced U3 Unemployment rose from 9.7% to 9.9% and U6 unemployment rose from 16.9% to 17.1%.

May 7 San Diego News Network reports 68 banks have closed year to date.

May 12 the Economist reports the April U.S. trade deficit increased $40.4 billion dollars.

May 12 CNN Money reports that April federal spending deficit was up $82.7 billion dollars for the third time in 30 years.

May 12 CNN Money reports the deficit for the 7 months of the fiscal year ending April 30 is $799.7 billion dollars.

May 13 KMTV Omaha reports there were 92,000 home foreclosures in April.

May 20 Yahoo News reports 775 banks are on the FDIC ‘problem list.’

May 20 the National Debt had reached $12,927,411,267,929 on President Obama’s watch. That is an increase of our debt by $7.723 billion dollars a day since he took office; 5 times that of President Clinton and 3 times that of President Bush.

May 20 the sum of the National Debt, the Presidents debt commitments and the unfunded liability from Social Security and Medicare reached $129.7 trillion dollars which equates to $452,333 for every man, woman and child, $1,127,195 per family, and results in a debt-to-GDP ratio of 997.7% (Greece has a ratio of 115%).

May 21 the stock markets since the May 1 Obama announcement have fallen; Dow Jones down 7.4%; NASDAQ down 9.4%; S & P 500 down 8.8%.

May 22, Bloomberg reported on May 14, 2009 that President Obama called deficit spending “unsustainable.” Since that date the President has driven up our National Debt by $1.717 trillion dollars, or $4.604 billion dollars a day.

It is comforting to know that the President and Congress have saved our economy from the worst recession since the Great Depression, a recession caused by George Bush and the Republican Party???


-Napolitician needs to be FIRED

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This inept witch has to go. Her special brand of hypocrisy can be cut with a knife.

Arizona makes fun

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Guilty Verdict Handed Down by the Obama Columbia Jury

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Thursday, May 20, 2010


-Communist Sympathizers Descend on Congress

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They aren't sympathizers...they are in offices of power! It's pretty goddam scary how many Reds are in office.

Interior secretary acknowledges lax oil regulation

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This is an Associated Press story. If you read the last part, it is another "the regulations don't work, we need new regulations" story -- which will give power to the agency that can best cover up the bribes that have been being paid to bureaucrats at the Interior Dept. Surely people get the connection -- first financial services industry regs don't work (though they protected us sufficiently until Obama and his crew of Merry Men got into office) and our financial system collapses and WE NEED NEW REGULATIONS; then, the off-shore drilling/Interior regs don't work -- though they, too, had worked well for years -- and we need new regulations (when the problem all along has been non-enforcement/compliance with existing regulations). Everything seemed to work fairly well until Obama got into office. (though I don't approve of many of the regulations on the books, had they been enforced neither the financial nor Gulf crises would have occurred)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Not that we needed another reason to dump her

-Kagan was member of pro-abortion group - Worth Reading
Not exactly what you would call Neutral.

Too horrible to contemplate

Here's another link - and has comments included.
-Too horrible to contemplate
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-It’s over the top time
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Labor, Civil Rights Groups Will Rally in D.C. to Push Back on Tea Party

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The Obama Administration's Middle East Disaster

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Connecticut looking bad for Democrats now!

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Why socialists pursue socialism to the ends of the earth

I thought Bush was supposed to be the idiot.

-YouTube - Epancipation!
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Obama, of all people should know how to pronounce that word. It's only 13 seconds, but worth it. Corpse instead of corps...and now this! What a boob.

YouTube - Eric Holder Anti America - Pro Terrorist

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Exactly WHO is coming into the US from Mexico?

According to the Border Patrol the public is being mislead as to WHO is coming into the US from Mexico. This IS THE TRUTH. as reported by WSBTV in Atlanta.

Video 1

Video 2
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