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Friday, December 18, 2009

Mexican Cartels Look to Turn Border Agents

More government workers on the take.

“A History lesson….Cry for Me, Argentina”

*Hat tip to Steve U.

Republican party apparatus have not gotten the message of the Tea Party/912 movement yet

*A Message from our friend Harry Riley...

Constitutional Emergency
A message to all members of Constitutional Emergency
Kentucky Patriots, (Also a reminder for all of us) The good old boys of the major party apparatus have not gotten the message of the Tea Party/912 movement yet...even with polls showing Tea Party polling ahead of both R and D....this will knock your socks off..... The National Republican Senatorial Committee is supporting an ex-democrat now running as a republican rather than supporting a constitutional, Founding Father principled republican candidate. Trey Grayson an ex-democrat, now a republican is running against Rand Paul who is running as a republican in the Kentucky primary for Senator. Can you believe the Republican party is supporting Grayson? They learned nothing in New York District 23. Rand Paul, republican and a firm constitutional, anti-bailout, term limit supporter is being shunned by the republican establishiment....and he says "that's great....everytime there is a republican fund-raiser for Grayson, my coffers explode"...... What are we looking for patriots? Are we looking for more of the same old party apparatus....republicans trying to push another District 23 debacle like they started in New York by selecting a liberal and losing everything, or do we want a constitutional conservative in Kentucky that can win, carrying our fight? Rand Paul who is supporting term limits says "I want to go to Washington to shake up the establishment and come back home"...he is not interested in a career as a Senator. What say you Kentucky and America? Isn't it time to energize the "grass roots" for Rand Paul and douse the RINO Grayson early and win in Kentucky?? I think it is and hope you will start the "grass roots for Paul" that will overwhelm Grayson and result in his withdrawal....

Take a look at Rand Paul's web site below.

Let's take America back patriots...our last chance will be the 2010 election, if we get that far.

Harry Riley
Visit Constitutional Emergency at:

'Spare me your anguish, Mr. President'

-American Thinker Blog: 'Spare me your anguish, Mr. President'
*Hat tip to our good friend Dave Jeffers who wrote this heartfelt article for American Thinker.

Keyboard comment: I see no evidence to believe Obama lost one minute of sleep over sending soldiers to war, because he sure as hell didn't lose any sleep over leaving those troops already in Afghanistan to be sitting ducks while he took his sweet time deciding whether to support them or not. And he did the mimimum only to prevent being "a President that lost a war". This guy is no friend to the military, nor to Americans.

Proud Flag-Waving Communists and Socialists March in Copenhagen

-Proud Flag-Waving Communists and Socialists March in Copenhagen to Stop Global Warming
*Hat tip to Bogiekoki
Probably this is who Obama was bowing to. HIS PEOPLE!!

Congress Votes to Outsource Presidency

*Hat tip to Diemanjim

O-bow-ma Finds Someone To Bow To In Copenhagen

-O-bow-ma Finds Someone To Bow To In Copenhagen
*Hat tip to Ercille

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid of Obama's Latest Big Brother Plan

*hat tip to CJ's Corner

Democrats Dither – China Gobbles Up Oil & Gas Reserves In Canada & Gulf of Mexico

-Democrats Dither – China Gobbles Up Oil & Gas Reserves In Canada & Gulf of Mexico
*hat tip to CJ's Corner
This is the worst bunch of inept and corrupt losers ever to darken the halls of Congress.

We need to listen to Rev. Manning again.

*Hat tip to Andy
Manning tells it like it is...and he's getting threatened by the FBI for telling the truth.

FRAUD Trailer

*hat tip to Diemanjim

ObamaCare and the Liberal Obsession

-Daniel Henninger: ObamaCare and the Liberal Obsession -
*hat tip to Carolyn

READ THIS! The Security and Prosperity Partnership: Its Immigration Implications

-The Security and Prosperity Partnership: Its Immigration Implications NumbersUSA - For Lower Immigration Levels
*hat tip to Kati

This selling out of America is already a done deal, and we will be finding out how bad it is once they bring the new Amnesty Bill to the floor.

Global Warming Summit- COMMIE FARCE

-Putting our economy in the hands of Chavez fans Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

OH PUL-LEASE! What a pathetic and incompetent wuss.

*Hat tip to CJ's Corner
Read some of the comments. This is NOT a popular CIC.

Mitch McConnell calls the socialized healthcare bill "Completely Reckless, Completely Irresponsible"

-Completely Reckless, Completely Irresponsible
*Hat tip to CJ's Corner

Islamic mosque built at NYC Ground Zero

*Hat tip to Ercille

this is grotesque. It's like saying, 'hey! thanks for knocking down those pesky buildings and murdering 3000 of our innocent citizens. We bow to you".

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Democrats want to do away with the Sen

*hat tip to Carolyn
Did I tell you the next step was "the purges"? I was being facetious at the time, but looks like they really are following in Stalin's steps.

The Dilemma

-The Dilemma
*hat tip to Carolyn

Newspeak and Cultural Marxism

*Written by our friend Bill Mann

Chilling' new video: How to slit throats (in America)

*Hat tip to Greg
How much you want to bet that Obama is giving them Stimulus money?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Five men shot, killed in Juárez

Dems Threaten Ben Nelson With Military Base Closing Over Abortion Opposition

-ADF Alliance Alert » Dems Threaten Ben Nelson With Military Base Closing Over Abortion Opposition

bloodthirsty Commie SOB's

Leftwing Blogger Hate Over Lieberman Hilariously Set to Audio

-Leftwing Blogger Hate Over Lieberman Hilariously Set to Audio
Gibson took leftwing blog comments and did a live reenactment. What a bunch of hatefilled loons! This is the peace & love crowd?

Twitter Tapping

-Editorial - Twitter Tapping -

Rubio Pulls Even With Crist In Senate Race


Are there any honest Democrats anymore?

Arpaio can't strike again?

-Arizona sheriffs out of immigration force
*hat tip to CJ

Congressman uncovers two buried studies showing impacts of illegal immigration, smuggling

*hat tip to CJ's Corner

An Alaskan Fisherman talks about Sarah Palin

-An Alaskan Fisherman talks about Sarah Palin
Older, but a good article about Sarah
*hat tip to Ray S.

New Socialism Planning Heist In Copenhagen

-New Socialism Planning Heist In Copenhagen
*hat tip to CJ's Corner

Dingy Harry prepares us for our second civil war

-ESR December 14, 2009 Senator Reid prepares us for our second civil war
*hat tip to CJ's Corner

Tea Party radicals gear up for 2010 elections

*hat tip to CJ's Corner

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The China Bubble

*hat tip to Steve D.

MY HERO-- Lt. Col Allan West

I donated to his Allen West's defense fund when the govt tried to prosecute him for doing his job well in Iraq and saving American lives. He's awesome. He wrote back to me to thank me and I am SO glad he is running for office. I will also donate to his campaign. We need more military in the government...people who live in reality and who had real jobs and know how things work in the REAL world. AMEN.


This is an absolute OUTRAGE.... just when you think they can't sink any lower....

When you call this toll free number for the Capitol Building, you will first have to listen to a recording telling you to ask your senator to vote for "healthcare reform."

Is this unbelievable or what? 1-800-828-0498 - Capitol Switchboard operator When I finally got to Warner's office, I told his assistant that I did not want
this health care reform and I did not appreciate listening to a commercial
on this phone number He said he would look into it.

I just called and went ballistic on the operator and gave her holy HELL in no uncertain terms, and wasn't polite about it. She said the message was from a Lobby Group. What??????? I told her I am now my own lobby group and I demand equal time and want my message put on there. She hung up on me. Big shock.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Joseph Lieberman Says He Can’t Support Current Health Bill

Give 'em hell, Joe.

Obama's Bad War

Colorado: Appointed Senator Struggling

...and another one bites the dust

A Black Day for the Constitution

I'd say this is unbelievable, but seeing today's courts stacked with leftwing ideologues, it's VERY believable. But tragic.

Has the president noticed his luck has changed?

More pearls from Hanson.

Christians being killed for their faith

Infiltrated: Drug cartels' sway on U.S. politics rises, expert says

Geothermal Project in California Is Shut Down

another Obama dream going nowhere.


-Shocker: NYT(!) writer says tax cuts good, spending bad
D'uh! I guess they just finally figured out that water is wet too.

Dana Goldstein on the effort to kill women's rights once and for all.

More on Climate Fauxtrage

-Imagine a State Whose Economy is Dependent on Oil Creating a Climate Fauxtrage

Climate change emails row deepens - and Russians admit they DID send them

Obama's policies risk another Depression

A climate shakedown

-A climate shakedown climate, based, global - Opinion - The Orange County Register

America’s Most Persecuted Minority: the Individual

-America’s Most Persecuted Minority: the Individual - Ira

IRS hires hundreds for new wealth unit

-Exclusive: IRS hires hundreds for new wealth unit Reuters
I have a feeling John Galt moved out of the USA.

‘Welcome to Obamaville’

How's that hope & change working out for you, folks?

Israelis Baffled by News of Defenseless US Soldiers

From our friend Fee:

Many Israelis want to know: why didn't the soldiers attacked by a U.S. Army major-turned-terrorist return fire? When a Muslim goes, well, Muslim in Israel he is typically shot to death by someone--say, a reserve soldier--within seconds of screaming "Allah Akbar." In contrast with the Israeli experience, it took 10 minutes before a civilian police officer at Fort Hood was able to shoot and stop Muslim fanatic Nidal Malik Hasan. How could that happen? How could so many people trained in the strategies and tactics of modern warfare be so defenseless? The answer--and this may astonish many Americans--is that the victims were unarmed. U.S. soldiers are not allowed to carry guns for personal protection, even on a 340-acre base quartering more than 50,000 troops. So it goes in brain-dead, liberal America . Fort Hood is a "gun free" zone, thanks to regulations adopted in one of the very first acts signed into law by anti-gun President Bill Clinton in March, 1993. Click here for the file.

POSTSCRIPT: Israeli teachers, from kindergarten on up, are also armed; so, a Virginia Tech-type slaughter is highly unlikely at an Israeli university. Israelis, who have had to combat terrorism all their lives, are not afraid of guns. They are an armed people, ready, willing, and able to defend themselves and their country. Unlike indoctrinated Americans, paralyzed by fear and political correctness, Israelis understand that people, not guns, kill people.

How to solve a problem like Palin?

-How to solve a problem like Palin? - Don Surber - The Charleston Gazette
No problem...she's terrific. And the left is scared to death of her (otherwise why spend so much time trying to smear her as a "stupid hick"? She's no hick (she's a real American), and she is definitely NOT stupid.

BREAKING VIRAL - America your guns are being taken and YOU DONT EVEN KNOW IT!

-YouTube - BREAKING VIRAL - America your guns are being taken and YOU DONT EVEN KNOW IT!
*Hat tip Fee