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Thursday, February 25, 2010


*Hat tip to Dick Morris

These thirty Democratic Congressmen all voted for Obamacare the first time around. But Pelosi cannot count on their votes again as Obama tries to jam the bill through using reconciliation in the Senate. These members are all vulnerable and are frightened of the voter backlash their support for Obamacare has kindled.
The League of American voters is running ads in each of their districts to press them to vote no on Obamacare. See their ad on the screen at left. And give us money to run the ad!
But also, pick up the phone and call these swing Congressmen. Let them hear from you! Here’s the list: PLEASE CALL!

Harry Mitchell- (202) 225-2190 ---(480) 946-2411
Gabrielle Giffords- (202) 225-2542 ---(520) 881-3588
Ann Kirkpatrick- (202) 225-2315 ---(928) 226-6914
Jerry McNerney- (202) 225-1947 ---(925) 833-0643
John Salazar- (202) 225-4761 ---(970) 245-7107
Jim Hines- (202) 225-5541 ---(866) 453-0028
Alan Grayson- (202) 225-2176 ---(407) 841-1757
Bill Foster- (202) 225-2976 ---(630) 406-1145
Baron Hill - (202) 225 5315 ---(812) 288 3999
Mark Schauer- (202) 225-6276 ---(517) 780-9075
Gary Peters- (202) 225-5802 ---(248) 273-4227
Dina Titus- (202) 225-3252 ---(702)-256-DINA (3462)
Carol Shea-Porter- (202) 225-5456 ---(603) 743-4813
Tim Bishop- (202) 225-3826 ---(631) 696-6500
John Hall- (202) 225-5441 ---(845) 225-3641 x49371
Bill Owens- (202) 225-4611 ---(315) 782-3150
Mike Arcuri- (202) 225-3665 ---(315) 793-8146
Dan Maffei- (202) 225-3701 ---(315) 423-5657
Earl Pomneroy- (202) 225-2611 ---(701) 224-0355
Steven Driehaus- (202) 225-2216 ---(513) 684-2723
Mary Jo Kilroy- (202) 225-2015 ---(614) 294-2196
Zach Space- (202) 225-6265 ---(330) 364-4300
Kathy Dahlkemper- (202) 225-5406 ---(814) 456-2038
Patrick Murphy- (202) 225-4276 ---(215) 826-1963
Christopher Carney - (202) 225-3731 ---(570) 585-9988
Paul Kanjorski - (202) 225-6511 ---(570) 825-2200
John Spratt- (202) 225-5501 ---(803) 327-1114
Tom Perriello- (202) 225-4711 ---(276) 656-2291
Alan Mollohan- (202) 225-4172 ---(304) 623-4422
Nick Rahall - (202) 225-3452 ---(304) 252-5000
Steve Kagen- (202) 225-5665 ---(920) 437-1954

Let’s get busy to save health care in America! Thank you.

Radical Safe Schools Czar’s Dream Come True

-Democrats Push HR 4530, a Radical Safe Schools Czar’s Dream Come True
*Hat tip to Capt. Ritchie

-Jared Polis: To Know Him Is To Loathe Him

-Jared Polis - A 'prettied-up' bio

Holder admits nine Obama Dept. of Justice officials worked for terrorist detainees

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Titanic and the United States

-The Titanic and the United States
*Hat tip to Kati
This article is from 2003...just imagine how much worse it has gotten in the last 7 yrs....

In 1965, our 'Captain' Lyndon B. Johnson along with helmsman Senator Teddy Kennedy drove America into an 'iceberg' of massive, unrestricted immigration that opened up the flood gates with the 'Immigration Reform Act'. At first, the flow of one million immigrants annually wasn't noticed. We were benevolent. Our country was big. There was plenty of room and resources. However, the massive flow of humanity from that hit is still pouring into our country 38 years later and few seem to notice

Can't believe it's that high!!

Poll: More than half of Hispanics identify as conservative

Rock and reload for tea parties this weekend

-Rock and reload for tea parties this weekend
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Obama’s Council Of Governors And The “Remaking” Of America

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Check out the new logo for the Missile Defense Agency

It definitely echoes the crescent & star of Islam WITH the Obama egologo.


Special television presentation on Obama's Eligibility

-Special television presentation on Obama's Eligibility to be president
*Hat tip to Lake Lady
4 pm Pacific Time, through the internet

A Man Alone: Jesse Lee Peterson versus the “black experience”

Some Thoughts on the War on Terror

-Some Thoughts on the War on Terror by Victor Davis Hanson

Tailored Drug Smashes Melanoma In Matter of Weeks

-Tailored Drug Smashes Melanoma In Matter of Weeks

Fleeing Juárez: 420,000 residents, slew of businesses seek refuge from gunfire

The 'Stimulus' Actually Raised Unemployment

What was the first clue?

Constitution Denied

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Obama’s proposal endorses new Medicare tax

-Obama’s proposal endorses new Medicare tax
*Hat tip to Z...
This article was in our local paper today. It isn't enough that government destroyed our housing and credit markets by their refusal to provide oversite to Fannie Mae, a Government Sponsored Entity. It isn't enough that over 600,000 senior citizens entered foreclosure in 2009. It isn't enough that 5.4 million seniors that worked their enitre lives, paid their taxes, and saved for retirement have lost most of their savings.

Now these rotten bastards want to take the few remaing scraps that seniors still have.

Wait until you see my letter to the Senate tomorrow. z

Democrats are the Party of Racism

*From our friend Z....

I got into a hot discussion with some liberal who was trying to take credit for the "saving of blacks". I put the following together and thought you might enjoy it. z

Democrats are the Party:

…that gave up 1,050,000 of their lives on the civil war battlefields to protect their rights to own slaves;

…that created the Ku Klux Klan which murdered thousands of blacks;

…that from 1870-1930 used fraud, whippings, lynchings, murder, intimidation and mutilation to force black to vote for them;

…that passed the Black Code Laws of 1860 at the state and local level which deprived blacks of their civil right and civil liberties;

…that voted against the 13th Amendment December 6, 1865;

…that voted against the 14th Amendment July 9, 1868;

…that voted against the 15th Amendment February 3, 1870,

…that passed the Jim Crow Laws from 1876-1965 as the state and local level which ensured segregation of public facilities and accommodation under the proclamation of “separate but equal;”

…of Presidents Roosevelt and Truman who refused to sign legislation that would protect blacks from being lynched;

…of Presidents Roosevelt and Truman who rejected efforts to establish a permanent Civil Rights Commission;

…of Senator John F. Kennedy who opposed the 1957 Civil Rights Act;

...of President John F. Kennedy who opposed the 1963 march by Martin L King and had the FBI wire tap him because he believed King what a national threat;

… of Supreme Court Justice Hugo La Fayette Black, Democrat Senator Alabama, and a proud member of the KKK, who invented the “Wall between church and state” from whole cloth writing the minority opinion in Everson v. Board of Education (Citation:330 U.S. 1 [1947], Docket: 52);

…of Robert Byrd, Senator-WV who was a proud member and Grand Pupa of the KKK;

…that showed less support for the 1964 Civil Rights Act (Publ. 88-352, 78 Stat, 241, July 2, 1964).

88th Congress voted the legislation as follows:

---Vote on the Original House Bill:

------Democrats- 61% Yea; 39% Nay

------Republicans- 82% Yea; 20% Nay

---Vote on the Original Senate Bill:

------Democrats- 68% Yea; 32% Nay

------Republicans- 82% Yea; 18% Nay

---Vote on the Senate version by the House:

------Democrats: 63% Yea; 37% Nay

------Republicans: 80% Yea; 20% Nay

… that showed less support for the 1965 Voting Rights Act (42 U.S.C. 1973-1973 aa-6)

89th Congress voted the legislation as follows:

---Vote on the Original Senate Bill:

------Democrats: 73% Yea; 37% Nay

------Republicans: 94% Yea; 6% Nay

---Vote on the Original House Bill:

------Democrats: 78% Yea; 22% Nay

------Republicans: 94% Yea; 6% Nay

…of Al Gore who during the 2000 presidential election accused his opponents of preventing blacks from voting, an accusation found to be untrue by the Civil Rights Commission;

…of Senator Ted Kennedy who referred to blacks being considered for political appointments as “Neanderthals;”

…of Barack Obama who as an attorney leveraged race to extort the largest settlement from a financial business in American history;

…of Barack Obama that trained ACORN on how to leverage race to extort business;

…of Barack Obama who chose to attend for 20 years a black separatist church that preached bigotry and hatred;

…of President Obama who pulled John Conyers off a Congressional Investigation of ACORN;

…of President Obama who fired Inspector General Walpin before he could charge Kevin Johnson, Mayor of Sacramento, black NBA star, friend of Obama, for misuse of $847,673 in federal grants;

…of President Obama who ended the investigation Attorney General Holder of the Black Panthers who intimidated voters, and who’s actions were captured on video;

…of President Obama who selected a female Hispanic for the Supreme Court who is on public record as believing “Hispanic women make better decisions than white men;

…of President Obama who eliminated a successful educational voucher program in Washington D. C.;

…of President Obama who instantly and with no information sided with Gates in the Gates-gate affair who claimed the white police officer was guilty of racism.

Obama's ACORN lie exposed

-Obama's ACORN lie exposed
This liar makes Clinton look like a nun. He should be impeached.

2/3 of ObamaCare passed in Stimulus Package!!!

-BREAKING NEWS: 2/3 of ObamaCare passed in Stimulus Package!!!