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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Obama- The Failed Community Organizer

Obama was a community organizer in south side Chicago. The community remains so disorganized it verges on being Mogadishu-on-the-lake. Nothing ever goes right in a community where fathers walk away the moment the mother knows she's going to be a mother.

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Barb said...

Obama attacks the Christian Right and the Republican Congress for “hijack[ing] the higher moral ground with this language of family values and moral responsibility.”
Yeah, sure, family values are fine, he says, but what about “collective action . . . collective institutions and organizations”? Let’s take “these same values that are encouraged within our families,” he urges, “and apply them to a larger society.”

The same rhetorical leapfrogging governs the Obama administration’s and the Chicago political establishment’s response to current Chicago teen violence.