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Monday, April 19, 2010

Join the Obamacare Class Action Lawsuit

-Join the Obamacare Class Action Lawsuit
*from our friend Greg

You will want to sign onto this one! And pass it around.

On Greta Monday night, on Fox news Channel, her first guest was Van Irion, constitutional attorney from Tennessee, military veteran, patriot and conservative – Republican candidate for Congress third Congressional District, running in the Tennessee Republican primary on August 5.
Irion has filed a constitutional challenge to Obamacare in federal district court in the Eastern District of Tennessee, on behalf of the American people. This is a class-action suit on behalf of any citizen willing to join. The causes of action are three:
1) That Congress has exceeded its authority in the enumerated powers clause article 1 section 8 of the Constitution. Simply, they do not have the power and authority to impose Obamacare, and its related confiscatory taxes, or draconian regulations;
2) the bill with its burdensome and illegal mandates upon the sovereign states, and their equally sovereign citizens is an obvious and egregious violation of the 10th amendment;
3) and finally, that Congress has overreached under the guise of the interstate commerce clause, and has usurped power never intended by the framers under that clause. The filing briefs can be reviewed via the link at the website highlighted below.

As I write, in the last 24 hours, over 10,000 American citizens have joined the class-action as plaintiffs. There is no cost to a plaintiff signing on, responsibility, or liability. Van Irion is handling the entire case pro bono, his time and expense!

I signed on as a plaintiff immediately after viewing the interview, and reviewing the various websites. Rather than just sit back and watch the action as Bill McCollum's Florida case works its way through the federal courts, and hope that new Republican majority in both houses after November 2, will defund Obama's unconstitutional socialized medicine scheme-- joining this case as a plaintiff is my personal way to fight back now!

When those Marxist usurper bastards in the White House are served with the final papers, I want them to see my name and address! I want RAHM CAPONE to see my name, have no doubt where I stand, and that I will not submit. This case will drive the Obamunists, Clintonistas, and Democraps ballistic- as have the tea parties!

There are two videos of Van Irion; you can view them by visiting the website resist, or by visiting Van Irion's personal website.

A little over 80 years ago, FDR after threatening to pack the Supreme Court to control it, and the originalists on the court became supine through intimidation, the New Deal activists began to dismantle the Constitution. The interstate commerce clause became their nefarious tool to justify Roosevelts totalitarian socialist agenda. But there was an earlier time with our court, the era of substantive due process and Chief Justice Sutherland. They blocked Woodrow Wilson's attempts at big government socialism. Twice they declared the progressive income tax unconstitutional. Struck down minimum wage laws as unconstitutional etc. Wilson had to resort to a constitutional amendment, the 16th, to obtain the progressive income tax that this insidious progressive craved.
I remember Constitutional law courses at Rutgers with Dr. Laurie and our daily arguments regarding the commerce clause. My contention being that the clause was inserted in article 1 section 8 simply to promote and protect commerce between the sovereign states – not to impose controls by the Imperial Federal Government. This clause been expanded, distorted and perverted for over 80 years ,to impose universal socialist serfdom on us. It's to the point that Congress can tell us what types of light bulbs to use in our homes; pour ethanol into our gas tanks and destroy the internal combustion engines we purchased, cutting our gas mileage, and increase the cost of our food by 50% to date; and too many other outrages to detail here – and now the final outrage-- determining and controlling our health care choices. Van Irion's case is the first chance for”we the people”to fight back against the federal oppression that has now spanned decades.
Over the last couple of weeks I thought long and hard of American patriot Lt. Col. Terry Laiken. This man has put his life, his rank and financial sustenance, freedom, and sacred honor on the line, as did our founding fathers, in his attempt to disprove Obama's constitutional legitimacy by inviting court-martial in order to demand via discovery at trial all the documents Obama has sealed to conceal his true background and lack of legitimacy under article 1.

With Americans like him, I didn't have to think twice about signing onto this case as a co-plaintiff.
Last September 12, 2 million Tea Party patriots descended on Washington to protest totalitarianism and profligate unconstitutional federal spending within their First Amendment rights. If those 2 million people, and others like minded, sign onto this case, a new page in American history will be written. I urge all reading this to join as co-plaintiffs. In 24 hours, over 10,000 citizens already have. I request you review the information below, and forward this e-mail to friends. If we don't stand up to Obama today in saying NO, we'll be on our knees saying YES tomorrow.... Greg

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