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Friday, April 30, 2010


another fine letter to the Editor from our friend Z in Omaha:

Tax & Debt
Submitted 04-30-10

On April 19, writer Al Kammerer informed readers that “anti-government activists oppose government spending by exaggerating our relatively low taxes…”

According to the White House budget in 2009 the federal government took $1.892 trillion dollars in the form Income Tax, Social Security Insurance and Retirement, Excise Tax, and Estate and Gift Tax from Americans. The CIA World Fact Book shows that only 8 of 193 countries in the world had sufficient wealth in Gross Domestic Product to pay this amount of taxes.

In 2009 government spent $3.5 trillion dollars. The Fact Book shows that only 3 nations possessed sufficient wealth (GDP) to make that large of a payout.

The President and Congress have driven up our national debt to $12.83 trillion dollars. According to the White House, the President and Congress have committed us to an additional $9.70 trillion dollars of debt. According to the Trustees of the Social Security and Medicare these programs have an unfunded liability of $107.00 trillion dollars.

Our real debt, then, is $129.53 trillion dollars. Government can not create wealth; it can only take it from the taxpayers. It amounts to $409,094 debt for every American.

It is neither fair nor Christian to burden our children and grandchildren with such massive debt. Government is destroying the American dream for generations to come.


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