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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bilderberg 2010: Final List of Participants

-Bilderberg 2010: Final List of Participants
They just met...this is the list of attendees. Why the secrecy? One can imagine...what they have in mind for us is something we would NOT like.
There is a long documentary at the site about the Bilderbergs and New World Order. Very interesting.

Will secret clubs pick next prez?
*Hat tip to Kati

-CFR Members (this is a very comprehesive list, though some names are missing)
-Roster of CFR/Trilateral Commission Members
*Hat tip to Kati


Anonymous said...

The words "target rich environment" comes to mind for some crazy reason.

Kati said...

Reading through the comments, one thing is obvious and that is that while people are angry and frustrated, there aren't obvious ways to get rid of the controlling factors. Some want boycotts - and if anyone thinks that boycotting certain products will have any impact, they're not seeing the immense grip of the world that all of those at the top actually have. They have global control - and whether we buy Coca Cola or not won't make any difference. Someone also mentioned that not too many from the U.S. are on the though that means they aren't part of the group. Nearly every presidential candidate we've had are members of the CFR or Bilderberg/Trilateral groups or something affiliated.
I'm convinced this is God's war - it's just that huge. We can balance things in November - but, that will only work as long as they decide to maintain the illusion that it's making a difference and they're down to a few trigger issues that are still steering voters - and most voters still think there's a difference.
Whether it's government control or corporate control, the results for society is the same. Today, we have a corporate government that no longer works for and by the people at all...and they've proven they don't have to.

Anonymous said...

While your points are all valid, your underlying message is an extremely cynical and depressing outlook Kati. One would want to throw their hands and give up.

Kim said...

Interesting on the Bilderberg group, but if they 'disband', it will only be under that name...