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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Functionally Sovereign? Or, Just Sovereign?

-Functionally Sovereign? Or, Just Sovereign? Liberty Defense League
*Hat tip to CJ
This is a MUST read about state sovereignty and how to truly achieve it.

I copied this info from another of Marilyn's bios that's posted online so you'd realize that she knows of what she writes: Marilyn Barnewall, in 1978, was the first female to be named vice president in charge of a major loan and deposit portfolio at Denver's largest bank. She started the nation's first private bank, resigned to start her own firm and consulted for banks of all sizes in America and other countries. In June 1992, Forbes dubbed Barnewall "the dean of American private banking." ~Cj

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Ernest said...

Excellent article by a brilliant lady. Much of what she says is in my Economy plank. People are sloowwly coming around. I hope it's not too late.