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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jihadist Congressman and U.S. Ambassador Plead Guilty, Islamic Spies to Muslim "Charity" Tied to Terror

*Hat tip to Ercille

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Kati said...

We can continue to thank Ted Kennedy for opening our borders to whatever might want to come to this Country with as many ulterior motives as possible. We'd have had problems enough with dealing with the Communist Sympathizers - much less import more serious threats. The Iraqi's who own a 7-11 type of store in Orange Park had told me they are converted Christians and accused ofkgbama of lying about being Muslim. According to the 7-11 owners, if he wasn't a Muslim, he'd have Americanized his name. Guess a lot of us know that .... so, it isn't a surprise that he hates America and most Caucasian Christians. It's been very easy for our enemies to infiltrate everywhere partly because of Affirmative Action and gerrymandering - and partly due to the fact that the wars have demanded bi-linguists.