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Friday, December 18, 2009

Republican party apparatus have not gotten the message of the Tea Party/912 movement yet

*A Message from our friend Harry Riley...

Constitutional Emergency
A message to all members of Constitutional Emergency
Kentucky Patriots, (Also a reminder for all of us) The good old boys of the major party apparatus have not gotten the message of the Tea Party/912 movement yet...even with polls showing Tea Party polling ahead of both R and D....this will knock your socks off..... The National Republican Senatorial Committee is supporting an ex-democrat now running as a republican rather than supporting a constitutional, Founding Father principled republican candidate. Trey Grayson an ex-democrat, now a republican is running against Rand Paul who is running as a republican in the Kentucky primary for Senator. Can you believe the Republican party is supporting Grayson? They learned nothing in New York District 23. Rand Paul, republican and a firm constitutional, anti-bailout, term limit supporter is being shunned by the republican establishiment....and he says "that's great....everytime there is a republican fund-raiser for Grayson, my coffers explode"...... What are we looking for patriots? Are we looking for more of the same old party apparatus....republicans trying to push another District 23 debacle like they started in New York by selecting a liberal and losing everything, or do we want a constitutional conservative in Kentucky that can win, carrying our fight? Rand Paul who is supporting term limits says "I want to go to Washington to shake up the establishment and come back home"...he is not interested in a career as a Senator. What say you Kentucky and America? Isn't it time to energize the "grass roots" for Rand Paul and douse the RINO Grayson early and win in Kentucky?? I think it is and hope you will start the "grass roots for Paul" that will overwhelm Grayson and result in his withdrawal....

Take a look at Rand Paul's web site below.

Let's take America back patriots...our last chance will be the 2010 election, if we get that far.

Harry Riley
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