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Monday, March 15, 2010

Now THIS is a Community Organizer!

*Hat tip to Carolyn
There is a 10 part video series about common law plans being made in Alaska and Montana and elsewhere to counteract what is going on in government. Video 6 is where he really gets down to the plan. You can find all 10 videos on YouTube once you open this one. Well worth a listen. He gets a little long winded in part 4 and 5, very libertarian, but I like that they are doing SOMETHING.

Here is a very interesting and educational series of you/tube videos by a young fellow from Fairbanks, before an audience in Montana.

His message is applicable in any area of the world where people are waking up to the
fact that they have government gone wild. His approach is to forget about the thieving government, just let it go broke. They are stealing themselves blind. They are digging their own graves. Forget about wasting energy on dying governments, instead, start creating a civil order of the people to take over when government collapses. In Fairbanks they have done just this. They have created common law courts in competition with our corrupt Roman courts which don't recognize right and wrong. Their courts are based upon both the Golden Rule (which they express in two sentences) and the First Rule of government which is "that all government's rules shall have been
agreed upon by everyone." They have also created an organized local militia of 3,500 to be ready for future unrest. The only important area not covered is in replacing the failed debt based money system. Could be others have that in hand as they do in hundreds or more likely thousands of communities around the world that have already created free money to keep their economies alive after the government thieves leave.

What they already have in place needs to be emulated all over our world today as the
current level of society collapses, thanks to greedy, self-serving bureaucrats and politicians. So I really urge all Freedom Lovers to give a listen to this well-presented and enlightening series of videos. Most are concentrated on straightening out the mess we are living with. FORGET IT! It's not worth the bother. Don't think you can ever vote the criminals out of office. YOU CAN'T! They've had two hundred years to convince us that we are in charge, when we are completely powerless under their dominance. They own the system; we need to build another, just as the people HAVE ALREADY DONE IN FAIRBANKS.

- Best regards,.Bob Taft

The Taft RanchUpton, Wyoming (307) 465-2447

"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office." Aesop

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