Support the Border Sheriffs

Friday, March 19, 2010


When you watch what is happening in the Democrat Party today, you can't help but have your mouth drop to the floor. It's inexplicable! WHAT would cause so many (who have worked so hard to get elected to their Congressional seats), commit political suicide for a budget-busting, socialist healthcare bill that Americans don't want?

What would cause these Americans to sell out their country and their own grandchildren's future for a ride on Airforce One, or a judgeship for a brother, or pork??????

With their polls numbers as low as they can possibly be, with a President who becomes more unpopular every day, WHAT is causing them to walk the plank for him? One has to be reminded of the story in Revelations of the anti-Christ and his power to hypnotize. For is there any other explanation? Why would these Congressmen go against the Constitution, against their constituent's wishes, and against the will of Americans, to hang themselves with this monstrous bill, KNOWING they will lose their election?

They are going to pay a HUGE price in November, if not before (recalls are possible too). But not as huge a price as the country is going to pay for their treachery.

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