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Monday, March 22, 2010


-The American Spectator : AmSpecBlog : Dan Benishek Just Became the Most Popular Republican in America
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train nut said...

Yeh, it's sickening what these politicians have done here.
Unfortunately most of the complaining people are full of crap in the end. They won't do anything. White Americans are all too soft and comfortable. Listen to the Republicans and conservatives today,
railing on and blustering about how they are going to do this and do that and challenge in court and blah-blah-blah. The Republicans have no idea how to win a street-fight. In the end they will forget it all, fall back into their comfort zone and by the time the election rolls around, they will have forgotten all about it. On the other hand, there is so much video footage of the Democrats and the crap they pulled, that if the Republicans can't win back the Congress with all that good advertising material, they will never see a majority again.
All political parties lie almost all the time. I just feel
more comfortable with the Republicans' lies ;-)

I said two things well before Obama got elected, and I stand by them:
1) Once Obama got elected, it was all over for conservatism and the
America we knew in the past. We will become a socialist nation like
many European countries. We fought a Revolution to get free from King
George, but our liberal friends have no clue that what they are doing
is going right back to government by royalty... except now it's the
elite Leftists instead of the king. They will try to get some kind of
Constitutional amendment to keep Obama in the White House for life.
And 2) too bad flight 93 missed the Capitol Building.

Warrior L.A. said...

AMEN, brother!