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Saturday, March 13, 2010


-They Spend WHAT? The Real Cost of Public Schools Adam B. Schaeffer Cato Institute: Policy Analysis
And half of them STILL can't read or speak English. Hey we could retire the debt if they just privatized education


carolyn said...

I'm curious - is the figure quoted per student for a month, a year, or spread over 12 years (grades 1 - 12)?
It doesn't state throughout the article! I thought perhaps one school year (9 mos.). For instance, a teacher makes say $30,000 a year (9 mos.), and has 30 students per class, that's $100 per child she costs the school for one year. Of course there is the office jobs, the principal, etc. I don't know what avg. classes are these days, even though my daughter-in-law is a teacher, as is her younger daughter.

Barb said...

This is such a sore spot with me, the High school here is such a disaster, I can't tell you how many MILLIONS of dollars it cost to build and then the main foyer roof started cracking and it had to be re built, then the roof leaked and flooded the band room, they "fixed it, then the facade was a disaster they had to replace that, the company that built it was sued and they recouped "some" of the money, it is noted in yesterdays local paper that the roof "fix" needs "fixing AGAIN! it is again leaking and they did not get enough money in the law suit to cover this!! This is not all, just some of the high lights, Our school board is rampant with nepotisim and their salaries are OUTRAGEOUS!! while our teachers are spending a good deal of their salary supplying their kids with materials needed to do their work and once again we are on the tail end of the literate scale!!! It is maddening!!

JJ said...