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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Guilty Verdict Handed Down by the Obama Columbia Jury

*Hat tip to Trainut


Poignant said...

Which all goes to show the utter ignorance and stupidity of far too many voters in these United States.

There should have been a thorough background investigation on ALL candidates for the U.S. Presidency prior to the election.

Much of the blame falls squarely upon the U.S. media, with very few exceptions, for not doing their job responsibly.

Kati said...

There are a whole lot more "in on it" than just those mentioned. You'd think Columbia would've immediately and publicly stated that ofkgbama had never attended - gone on FOX news or something. Makes a person wonder if people and places aren't directly contacted by the CIA and told if they say anything that something will happen that will resemble a terrorist attack. I wouldn't be surprised about anything - doubt you would be either.
Even while watching investigations taking place, a person must realize that many who are in key positions are part of the problem. They'll talk in ways that can be applied to what we'd expect - or better applied within their realm of endeavor that they know will lead to more chaos, failures, etc. The ones on the same page - part of the same bunch - understand exactly what they're saying, what is meant, etc. The rest of us try to apply it in ways that we'd expect our leaders to be ....or assuming they, we assume we mean something one way - when, it actually means something else entirely.
Today, when one of their patsy's stands up and defends our being in nearly every country in the world....the reason is that we're still the strongest nation on earth and it's our responsibility to do what we can to help other countries achieve democracy. Sounds nice...but, it isn't true by the standards and logistics that most of us apply toward reasonableness. They're diabolical as hell itself.

Golgotha said...

Is this going anywhere? I remember watching this pastor on a YouTube video months ago.

Warrior L.A. said...

Did you really think the PRESS would cover something showing that Obama is ineligible and a liar???