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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Interior secretary acknowledges lax oil regulation

*Hat tip to CJ
This is an Associated Press story. If you read the last part, it is another "the regulations don't work, we need new regulations" story -- which will give power to the agency that can best cover up the bribes that have been being paid to bureaucrats at the Interior Dept. Surely people get the connection -- first financial services industry regs don't work (though they protected us sufficiently until Obama and his crew of Merry Men got into office) and our financial system collapses and WE NEED NEW REGULATIONS; then, the off-shore drilling/Interior regs don't work -- though they, too, had worked well for years -- and we need new regulations (when the problem all along has been non-enforcement/compliance with existing regulations). Everything seemed to work fairly well until Obama got into office. (though I don't approve of many of the regulations on the books, had they been enforced neither the financial nor Gulf crises would have occurred)

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