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Sunday, June 20, 2010

AZ Senator Kyl on his conversation with Obama and why the borders won't be secured!

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Ernest said...

The AZ issue is pivotal, even without Kyl's testimony. Obama's (in)actions convict him. Anyone who invades the US is an enemy of the US. The Mexicans invading Arizona are enemies of the US. The President shall defend the states against invasion per Article IV, Section 4, US Constitution. Those who adhere to US enemies, giving them aid and comfort, are guilty of treason and shall suffer death or a minimum of five years imprisonment per 18 USC 2381. Obama is guilty of treason for giving aid and comfort to invaders. He's committed many other crimes. Our duty is clear and it doesn't matter if the law can be immediately enforced, we must try, e.g., all laws are never totally enforced, but we try. Obama must be immediately arrested and jailed, impeachment can come later. We're at grave risk now.