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Saturday, June 26, 2010

O'Reilly: Obama Could Face Impeachment If He Pardons Illegals

-O'Reilly: Obama Could Face Impeachment If He Pardons Illegals
...not with this Congress. It will be torch & pitchfork time.


Warrior L.A. said...

You think this Congress will do anything about it, Bill? Phht! They won't even make him prove he's eligible for the job. These guys are useless! And they don't represent us...or hadn't you noticed yet?

Anonymous said...

The fact that he's even discussed the possibility of using an Executive Order to legalize millions of illegal aliens reflects just how crucial those votes are for him to have a second term. It's almost a given that he won't have the majority in Congress after November, and he knows that an amnesty in the face of November elections won't fly - so, he's feeling the squeeze. Maybe if he does use Executive power, even though this Democrat-majority wouldn't be likely to call for an impeachment, there could be enough Constitutional challenges to keep the process delayed long enough to not be beneficial to him or the Democrats. We already found out that having all Republicans in charge was almost as negative where an amnesty was concerned - so, guess our best bet is to keep an imbalance of power.

Joyce said...

Gridlock in Congress is our only hope. The Fed is way too big, inefficient and just plain corrupt. I'd love to do away most of the Fed (except for the original powers they were mandated with by the Constitution) and each state should decide these things for themselves.