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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Racism in Government

*Hat tip to Kati
It's refreshing to know that some people are beginning to fight back. The following link has more details about Sherrod- and at the very end of the article, there's a list of Related Posts (listed below). Interesting that the NAACP (imo - a communist front organization) is finally being slapped down in response to their ongoing attacks. Remember when I mentioned that I thought these groups infiltrate to "prove" racism.....? They do.


Rachel said...

The NAACP is also racist against conservative blacks.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of history online about how communists found fertile ground within special interest groups - from radical feminist groups, gays, blacks, etc.. It's part of the reason that "equality" began meaning something more and has turned things upside-down. What angers me the most is that it's ok for any other group to be as hostile and racist as they want to be. They all have their own "leaders" - and if a white group begins to fight back or reveal actual facts, they're put down by all of the other groups as being the culprits. An online search for communism - and special interest groups (by name - like NOW, NAACP, etc.) explains the infiltration. Political correctness is communist-based also (Mao) - one way to stop free speech.

Ann said...

The ACLU is another example:

Do a search: The ACLU's shocking legacy