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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Constitutional Emergency

*From our friend Harry Riley from Constitutional Emergency

Patriots, The United States Senate and House of Representatives are no longer under the control of sane leadership. The two houses of congress are pursuing a policy of authoritarian, illegal legislating, completely ignoring the will of "we the people" and constitutional law.

Politicians in both the legislative and executive branches are purposefully violating the United States Constitution, enacting legislation destructive to Founding Father principles, and arrogantly daring the American people to do anything about's a display of "in your face" attitude of superiority and willful disobedience to the United States Constitution.

Demonstrated bribery the US Senate leadership is pursuing is equaled only by totalitarian regimes America has considered enemies and fought wars against in past decades.

The commitment of billions of tax-payer funds to buy votes from other Senators for their supporting the healthcare bill is despicable at best, illegal on it's face, and cannot stand.

Freedom and liberty sways dangerously in the balance...what additional evidence is needed to rise up and stop the madness in Washington, D.C.?

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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Warrior L.A. said...

There is no question that our country has been hijacked by Marxists and thugs.

God help us.