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Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Tis the week before Christmas...

'Tis the week before Christmas...
*hat tip to CJ's Corner

.'....America stands at the brink of a Marxist abyss because Americans have elected a majority of officials who do not honor the Constitution, who do not respect the value of individual freedom, who crave personal power and perks more than the prosperity produced by free people operating a free market.....'

'Tis the week before Christmas and all through the land, not a freedom is safe from Obama's hand.

Bankers, bewildered, before him now bow, while auto-makers, thankful, praise his cash cow.

With energy and health care nearing control, his grasp on the nation is as he foretold.

The people are stirred by his escapades, and are somewhat shocked by the history they made.

Obama is not what he promised to be; he brings, instead, tyranny.'

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