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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Defeating Democrats

Thoughts from our friend Dave(the poignant one)...

I know of few people who are happy with the president we have today, and they are either skulls full of mush or dyed in the wool Democrats that would never change no matter what, you know the ones that I mean . . . 'my parents were Democrats so I am a Democrat.' Don't confuse them with facts.

Since we are in general agreement that Obama is really, really bad for our nation, we must ask ourselves "How did this come to pass?" There is even still a question of his place of birth, and therefore his legality to become president of these United States.

How could all of this happen? Were we asleep? Well, some of us certainly were, and that's a fact. Far too many people, citizens of these United States take their right to vote with a very large grain of salt. They neither bother to inform themselves of the facts and the background of those that are running for political office, nor do they really care.

The rest of us have just lacked really good leadership. Senator McCain is a nice man, but hardly presidential material. So how did Barack Obama garner so much support and continue to be considered 'the savior' of our nation, even to 'winning' a Nobel Peace Prize?

The answer to this is relatively simple . . . the media . . . both national and local, have failed to do their job. Even worse, for a media that is 'supposed' to report the news, they have taken sides and covered, nay, obliterated, all that is wanting in Obama's background while touting him as the 'new messiah' bringing change to our nation.

Well we all know how readership and trust in the media has fallen to an all time low. Many newspapers, magazines, TV stations, et al, are going bankrupt for lack of circulation and therefore are losing huge amounts of advertising money.

The 'retribution' is coming a bit late for our country however. Personally I have absolutely no faith in the media of the United States any longer, with a few exceptions such as FOX News and a handful of 'right wing' radio and TV hosts who, in spite of their naysayers, are telling it like it is.

I learned back in the days of Richard Nixon that you do not listen to what they say, you watch what they do, and I was a registered Republican at the time. I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid. The same can be said currently for the person that is living in our White House, we must watch what he is doing, not listening to what he is saying.

I am looking forward to voting in 2010. I am going to make a point of voting for NO incumbent, regardless of party. Our problems now transcend party lines. The Democrats have become extreme left wing socialists and the Republicans are weak and seem to have lost their way.

As a citizen, and a veteran of the U.S. Army I will NOT waste my vote by not voting, but I am prepared to make a statement in how I vote. Won't you all join me? It is not too late to take back our country, but it WILL be an uphill fight. The United States of America are certainly worth fighting for so let us get out and do our utmost in her time of need.

As always, feel free to disagree with me about any or all of what I have just stated.


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Warrior L.A. said...

I agree Dave. But we cannot afford to experiment with a third party in the general election again. We cannot split the vote and give Democrats another victory. We can fight this all out in the primaries. EVERY incumbent must be primaried.