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Monday, December 28, 2009

Janet Incompetano thinks "the system works" » ‘System Worked’: DHS Secretary Defends Response to Flight 253 Attack
I'd say that Hassan at Fort Hood and Abudllahwhatever on flight 253 beg to differ. The terrorists are always one step ahead of her because she's incompetent. And her response in the case of the most recent attack? ....Instead of keeping these radical Islamists off our planes, is to have us sit quietly with our hands in our laps so any potential bombers won't be able to detonate their explosives. This is the same idiotic mentality that thinks banning guns will prevent criminals from getting them and reduce crime. Absolute MORONS.


student1776 said...

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11 the US government and many of the world governments focused like a laser on terrorists, waged war against them, extirpated their training bases, surveilled them intensely, captured and imprisoned them in Guantanamo and other areas, and in general took the problem seriously and managed in the US to completely eliminate attacks. Since the change of administration brought the shift in emphasis from the Bush/Cheney intensive focus on terrorists to the Obama/Holder laid back, return to a pre-9/11 treat them as criminals strategy, started to demobilize Guantanamo and the anti-terrorist effort we have had successful terrorist attacks at Little Rock, at Fort Hood and now this rise in attacks aiming at our aircraft. When will people wake up and realize that there are genuine enemies out there, that pretending the don't exist just disarms you, it does not disarm them and leads to more terrorist activities. We need to eliminate these guys, the people who train them, the people who support them, the people who finance them, the leaders who encourage them - this is them or us and it is better for the progression of civilization that they be the ones to go on to the afterlife expeditiously.

SH said...

How did the idiot get the job? What is her experience is terrorism?