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Monday, December 28, 2009

Two airplane bomb plotters released from Gitmo

from our friend Greg....
-American Thinker Blog: Two airplane bomb plotters released from Gitmo

Monday 6:15 am "Fox and Friends" reported that Scotland Yard has warned US intel, that there was a group of 24 more Moslems (Brit citizens), trained in Yemen, Al Quaida linked, prepared to initiate similar attacks, as Umar Farouk Mohammed Ali Baba perpetrated on Christmas day over the state of Michiganistan. Alhough the report and warnings are being reported in the British press it's been blacked out and sanitized here!!!! politics.

On Sunday I listened to Janet openborders Napolitano tell me " Everything went smoothly". After national laughter, on Monday the incompentent bitch tells me the words that came out of her mouth Sunday were taken out of context !!! She must be fired before taxpayers are buying body bags by the gross.

Barry, vacationing, heard the news 3 days after the rest of America, and rushed to the camera to inform us that he'll solve the problem with an investigation, while at the same time the Obamunists are stonewalling Rep Pete Hoeksra, denying his intel committee info on Fort Hood.

Right after 9-11 I incredibly watched House Democrats rush to solve our national security problem, by nationalizing Airport security, increasing their pay ,and mandating unionization while outlawing politically incorrect profiling. Feel safer?
Head of Israeli security at that time said, the Americans will spend a fortune and not stop attacks. They look for weapons, we look for terrorists. It's about profiling Moslems, Barack. Wanna save American lives-fire Janet, hire an Israeli expert (no successful air attacks in 40 years), keep Gitmo open, pack it, and order more waterboards.

As this administration plays cops and robbers and extends constitutional rights to enemy combatents rather than fight a war against fundamentalist moslems--this perp's been given his right to remain silent and his scheister at our expense. Instead he should be in gitmo, being waterboarded, to discern the identity of the other 24 bombers on the way to our shore.

See article below. Those that trained Umar are former Gitmo prisioners !!! Release the rest of them Barry, to improve our international image. With some luck their target will be [Washington DC]..............GREG

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