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Sunday, January 3, 2010

CHANGE!! Nearly twice as many US military deaths in Afghanistan in 2009 as in 2008

More from our friend Bill...
Check out the Gateway Pundit link above.
And many of you think that I strike the "Pretensident" overly harshly?
The facts speak for themselves. Choose a subject, any subject, and I'll send you some facts! ... and they WON"T be from Wikipedia, or the Obama's adoring media.
We should stand up for the the truth. We have been brainwashed and conditioned by the BDSL [Bush Derangement Syndrome Left] for so long that the facts sound unreasonable.
Mr. Obama is blowing eight years of hard fought gains against Terror at home and abroad and sending his avatars out to cover for him like chameleons, like John Brennan his CI advisor. John Who? John Brennan... an appointee more interested in job security than the truth. He chose to attack Dick Cheney and make unsupportable statements rather than provide evidence and hard measureable facts.
But in our Newspeak world "unstatements" and "happyfacts" are more important than reality.
There is a Human Price for dithering, Mr. Obama. What is your answer to this travesty Mr. Blame-Everyone-But-Yourself? What gains do you cite under your vaunted leadership?
You own everything that happens to this country. If you want to blame Bush you should have let him stay in office. You own the entire bushel of rotten apples, Mr. Obama. You let them rot, now you own them.
Our men and women are dying while Obama surrogates with word games and personality cult imagery. And where is Waldo Obama?
How do you like being attacked like you and your party did to George W. Bush for eight years. Mr. Obama?
... at least you are being assailed with the facts!

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