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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to Recognize and Fight a Terrorist on a Plane

*hat tip to Carolyn

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J.John said...

The recent attempt by a man who confessed he's part of Al Qaeda after he attempted to blow up an airline brought upon us the media highlighting it 24/7. One of the things highlighted came from revealing the #1 or # 2 Al Qaeda operative in Yemen was released from Guantanamo. This prompted a remark from an individual in the Brookings Institution to remark, “Sure it can become a problem but it's just as dangerous to keep him locked up for life.” HUH!!! Duh!!! Dingbat if he's locked up for life he isn't going to hurt us…and…releasing him isn't going to change Al Qaedas mission to destroy us. Where do these people come from?

Then on Morning Joe it was pointed out how the airline bomber when he found out he could get a lawyer proceeded to shut up due to his “criminal” act instead of sent off to Guantanamo to interrogate him and hopefully obtain significant information…a media person on the show dismissed it. Instead of gently water boarding him (not hanging him up by his toes, cutting off a hand or anything inhuman that Al Qaeda does) we just might have gathered insight to save hundreds more of our citizens. No she, a self described Democrat and liberal, said he's just a criminal. A group that wants to bring us down. So we have these idiots running around led by the chief moron (Obama) whose policies and direction are putting us in deeper peril. Why doesn't he just give them a Washington Peace Prize and throw them a parade. Gezz.

Oh well I do have a solution to airline safety. Have everyone go naked. Heck I’ll start flying all the time. I’ll dress down and when the flight is over I’ll rush and pick out some good threads. A whole new wardrobe in a very short period of time. Lacking this change I’d kill someone trying to blow me up on a plane. The way it's going we won't get any information out of that person anyhow and yes I'm serious. It was simply an accident.