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Thursday, January 7, 2010


from our friend Greg...

The Mass special election to fill Kennedy's Senate seat is 12 days away. Internal RNC polls have state senator Lt. Col Scott Brown in a virtual dead heat with Democrat Hack Coakley. Democrats are panicking because a third party candidate named Kennedy (no relation) is siphoning votes from their liberal darling, simply because of his last name ( there's a segment of Mass electorate that's not too brite esp red sox fans.)

If Brown wins, a historic miracle, he's seated immediately, and the Dems no longer have a fillibuster proof Senate. That stops Socialized Medicine, Cap and Trade, Amnesty, Universal Voter Registration, and the entire Marxist agenda. Obama is relegated to impotent lame duck,until we take the country back 11/2.

Brown's web site is Urge you to review this conservative patriots background and make a donation of any size. I did before sending you this. Last minute funds could mean victory and salvation of the Republic !

Click below for National Review on line article............greg

(blogmaster- If you make ANY polticial contributions...make THIS one now.)

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One Pocket Player said...

I heard an interview with Scott Brown on the radio yesterday, He is really impressive. Sounds like a winner to me. I made a donation. I really hope that we can get him and other good Republicans elected to stop the damned liberal Obama loving dems from screwing us all.