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Saturday, January 9, 2010

A corporate takeover of healthcare AND a government takeover

*hat tip to Kati


Z said...

This guy named Kennedy wrote and published a radical left wing oped article acusing Republicans of being liars and only interested in profits.

I am submitting the following:


One must agree with Pulse writer Larry Kennedy (Jan. 9) that “… most workaday people are confused or even turned off by health care reform.”

Congress can eliminate confusion by posting the combined health care bill on line for a period of two weeks to allow the public time to study it. Then Congress can televise on C-span the debate of the legislation so that all who are interested can observe and sort out fact from fiction.

We are told by the President and those in control of Congress that the legislation will:

Reduce the cost of health care;

Improve the quality of health care;

Improve the economy for small business;

Save our national economy;

Be revenue “neutral;”

Not add to the deficit;

Those in Congress that vote for this legislation, or who are willing to sign it, should also be willing to sign a resignation that would be triggered if these “guarantees” fail to materialize.

I am sure Mr. Kennedy would support such a process.

Warrior L.A. said...