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Sunday, January 3, 2010


*from our friend Bill...

I received this from a WP Classmate, personal friend, and Patriot.

We are both disgusted about the 180 degree turn to the Secular Left that our "leaders" are taking our Country. Still, most probably consider us to be alarmists. So be it.

LTG Boykin tells it like it is... as you will recall, he was pressured to retire because of his outspoken defense of Christianity. [link below]

It amazes me that many more of my retired Patriot Brethren do not speak out.

Our Constitution, and all that we defend, is being trashed by Progressives and Marxists. How odd, that many who took that oath and are in positions of power, are somehow intimidated by fame, fortune and power games from defending that Constitution.

That we fear our Government, or that we don't wish to make waves, has Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton, Madison and the rest of the Founders spinning in their graves.

Believe what your eyes, ear, and brains tell you. Despite the course set by the current President to "fundamentally change" the USA, and all of the disasters at hand, it seems that it is easier for most to cut slack, give the benefit of the doubt, or look on in disbelief and do or say nothing.

I guess it is more comfortable to be comfortable.

When the IRS starts the audits, and the goon squads from ACORN and SEIU show up at the door, and bogus questioning of dissidents by Government officials becomes commonplace, it is too late to wonder what happened to freedom. It is gone. The slave has become the master.

Freedom requires wide-awake vigilance. Use it or lose it. "Stand to" America!


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