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Monday, January 25, 2010

Democrats need to learn the blame game

-Democrats need to learn the blame game

Especially read the comments section. The Brits are going to get an earful of how sick to death everyone is of the Democrats. WOW!

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Warrior L.A. said...

Is Carville for real? Has he been off the planet for the last year? The Obamunists have no solutions...they just BLAME everyone else. Hello...they have been in power for 1 year and EVERYTHING HAS GOTTEN MUCH WORSE! "Blame Bush" is all the Obama administration has done since they took power! It's in every gddam teleprompter reading he gives...but then they go ahead and do the same things Bush did except they do it alot WORSE. Obama quadrupled the national debt (which was bad enough already when Bush grew it), there are still 2 wars, they have same approach to the Mid East crisis, now that they realize the Palestians are intractable and uncooperative (this is a surprise to them?). And they try to ram their terrible bills down the throats of Americans who don't want their big big government socialist programs. Carville needs to get a clue, and WE need to oust these losers quick.