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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Republican Healthcare Legislation

From CJ.....
If anyone tells you the Republicans are the party of NO, it is not true. Republicans have introduced health care legislation, but it goes nowhere. Just to get an idea, I searched for the word 'healthcare' (no quotes). here were 232 results for the 111th Congress. Of the first 30 bills listed, 10 were introduced by Republicans - every one of those bills was referred to committee on the date indicated below, and never saw the light of day again. I am certain that if I went through the rest of the 232 bllls, there would have been a lot more, and all stonewalled. 31 Jul 2009 Oct 2009 Mar 2009 Jul 2009 Feb 2009 Oct 2009 Jul 2009 Jan 2009 May 2009 June 2009

Here's an unusual one. A Democrat proposed that Congressmen on FEHBP be required to go on the public option. Status? In committee since Jul 2009
This is a similar bill Jul 2009

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