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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Rise of the United Socialist States of America

*Hat tip to Micky

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Kati said...

It's fascinating how one Party sets up for the next Step. The Two Parties HAVE to appear to be different to keep the illusion alive - and they know when they p'ss off the public, the public will vote for the other Party.... If not for all the deregulation that took place, the banks couldn't have done what they did.....and of course, the banks are being blamed. The obvious result would be foreclosures, job losses, etc. - which would usher in a "Democrat" to handle the social programs (knowing foreclosures and job loss would result in bankrolling millions and millions more becoming dependent on the government (Cloward-Piven). Every possible thing has been occurring that would be required to deplete the US - and both parties have been very involved. At first, the bailout's didn't make much sense to me since many are owned by "whites" - but, not only are most Jewish, but, they're CFR members - Globalists - and part of the agenda. They looked out for their own.
Eventually, imo, CONTROL will be absolutely necessary in the world they're creating. It's going to be worldwide poverty - not just isolated in places like Africa - or New Orleans - Detroit - the borders, or Haiti, etc. -- corruption reigns wherever there's a government - people are starving - and having another corrupt government steal from their people to send to another corrupt country only serves to bankroll more corruption.
People KNOW that when jobs leave and more illegal aliens arrive to be hired - that there is something major going wrong. Even if that's all they know about, it's forcing more to become dependent on the government. What better way to create this implosion? A lot more people are listening now - and it becomes obvious that when Republicans are the majority, they do one thing - and when in the Minority, say something else entirely. The Democrats do the same thing. They're all playing that game. From what I understand, after all the rhetoric, there hasn't been anything accomplished to prevent the banks from business-as-usual either.
Watched Paulson being interrogated yesterday about the bailout's to AIG and the involvement of Goldman-Sachs - of which Paulson had been a CEO. He was questioned as to when he was aware of certain aspects of the problem.....and he was dancing all over the place. Cliff Stearns (R), rep for this district, was so ps'd that he was almost spitting the words at Paulson. They ALL know there's a conflict of interest involved - know that winners were carefully chosen....and all of those who have been questioned like this seem to be able to dance right through the fire....unscathed. Watch - if Republicans become the Majority - we'll see the same types of things occurring as before - even though they seem to be offended now.