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Monday, January 25, 2010

Tax and Spend: U.N.'s Rx for New World Medical Order

*Hat tip to CJ


Kati said...

Nearly everything has to do with some fkg IMBALANCE or GAP between this country and that - between this ethnic group or that one.... which is why I've kept saying their goal is to level -- or equalize everything. The U.N. has been running more than is visible, because our GD'd leaders agree to do things (seems to me that they've been allowing the U.N. to call a lot of the shots over the last decade especially) - and the public is left to believe it was some stupid idea that one Party or the other had....when BOTH are responsible for agreeing to do whatever the next give-away is. The only candidates we get for president with any chance of winning at all ARE FKG GLOBALISTS who are in agreement with the FKG UNITED FKG NATIONS. The goal is to end all poverty (whatta joke that is) and to bring the poorest countries up (which results in giving the dictatorships more power also). Peace - my ass. In the meantime, the World Bank and Federal Reserve manipulate the money - WHO demands more money for those 3rd and 4th world countries (save them FOR WHAT? The U.N. will eventually call for very strict population control - or unleash diseases to eliminate's crazy). The whole idea - all of it with the UN, World Bank, Federal Reserve, WHO, World this and fkg World that - is all part of the same agenda for the one world government - it's total insanity. This is why our borders have been left open as they have too.....the NAU has been agreed to and it is their plan to do it whether people want it to happen or not. And we wonder how an uprising would be handled....? How about millions of UN peacekeeping troops from all over the world....would that be enough? I'm positive they've already planned for uprisings against all of this...

CJ said...

Kati hit the nail smack dab on the head. The blueprint is the UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development Program, all 40 chapters of it chock full of 'deceptive' language.

One treaty right after another to help implement it, whether the Congress ratifies them or not, and facilitating legislation churned out by the bastards in the federal and state governments.

Then there are the EOs that also help to facilitate the total destruction of our Republic and U.S. Constitution.

Does the word "treason' come to mind?