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Monday, January 25, 2010

Support Patrick Hughes in Illinois Special election on Feb. 2

-Patrick Hughes for Senate
*Hat tip to Greg K.

On Hannity's radio show Monday afternoon he acknowledged and addressed the Illinois primary next Tuesday for the first time. He reported in December Mark Kirk(liberal Republican) was leading businessman Patrick Hughes(conservative) by a margin of 51% to 3% for the Republican nod for Obama's Senate seat. He further reported that in a new poll as of Monday Hughes now led Kirk by 23% to 21%, with the remainder of the vote either undecided or split among minor candidates. I relish the thought of a bona fide conservative freshman sitting in Obama's seat, when nearby another conservative is sitting at Kennedy's desk.
If conservative talk radio and the national tea party movement come to Hughe's aide over the next seven days, after shocks will rock the political nation, complementing the January 19 earthquake in Massachusetts. Keep an eye on this one and spread the word to anyone you know in Illinois. Kirk's campaign has begun a dirty trick and the misinformation campaign. Obviously they feel the heat..... Greg
Let's help Pathrick Hughes to the finish line. United we stand!!

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