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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PAY ATTENTION: Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy?

*Our friend CJ has been doing alot of research on this...
The article is long, but a very important read. If it doesn't help you connect some dots, you haven't been paying close enough attention. When the buzzards take up the proposed Cap n Trade legislation, which is purportedly designed to combat global warming (climate change), be prepared to engage in yet another crucial battle.

If We the People don't win that one, we'll all be on the 'smart grid' and our energy use will be monitored and controlled by Big Brother. It may happen regardless, as they've been working toward that end for years. Read the article below and then check out the info at these links. I suggest you start a search with the words 'carbon currency'. Only the second link below is related to that. The info at the first link may surprise you. All the rest have to do with 'smart meters', the 'smart grid', and, yes, even the extorted 'stimulus' taxpayer money~Cj Nixon's announcement - June 29, 1973 $395 Billion business in 2014? FAQs (read the comments, too)

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